Hi guys,

The weather this week has been just short of stunning with clear blue skies and snow capped mountains but still we have seen no rain which we really do need to improve the fishing for most anglers. Spring must be very close and warmer days on the way as the grass has started to grow and less logs on the fire are needed. The best anglers are still doing quite well in most cases using small naturals or small glo bugs early in the morning but many are still reporting some difficult days.

Fishing at the start of the week was fairly hard going but as the week has progressed and angling pressure has dropped most early birds have managed to find some fresh trout in the lower river or under the bridge. Again that bloody bridge pool has out fished most of the river…..apparently. This time of year we generally start to see the larger runs start to appear but they are usually the smaller fish sometimes not even being of legal length.

They are good fresh silver bullets and always in good condition but most of the larger fish have usually made the dash by now. Taking of these smaller fish for smoking is in many cases advised and one should not feel guilty about knocking a good jack on the head for the smoker. By all means take a hen for smoking but you will be gambling with what it will be like depending on the maturity stage of her eggs.

I spent a very enjoyable morning with David during the week which managed a week away from work for his 21st Birthday. David, I have run into on various rivers over the years and I knew he was quite capable of fishing the Tongariro well by himself but he had requested to be taught how to wet line-a request not heard very often but a valuable skill to have. I must admit I had to search low and hard for suitable wet flies but with a cracking day ahead of us I was quite excited about being forced to wetline in the gin clear conditions.

Wet lining is a method which has done a full circle as it has slowly becoming more popular and anglers are starting to enjoy some very positive results. I would almost say that generally the wetline will take the better fish…..but that we could argue all night. Anyway as a guide the day could not get of to a better start with the very first swing through the riffley water Davids retrieve was disturbed by a very angry 4lb jack which we landed and kept for Birthday dinner. The day just got better and better with David’s very positive approach to every pool and making the most of my small amount of knowledge. It was great to compare notes and discuss different areas, rivers and theories of where our fishery is heading and nice to spend time with a guy which just loves fishing and being out. As you will see from the return email from Dave posted below the skills he learnt proved valuable during the week in the clear hard conditions.

The Hine continues to suprise anglers with good runs some days and nothing the next which has anglers guessing where to start for the day, but hey-thats fishing. Good fish continue to appear on most river mouths after dark or early in the morning while fishing Boobie style flies with the pick of the bunch being the Waimarino. The Tauranga Taupo has had some good 5-6lb fish and many smaller fish holding at the lip which may mean the next rain may push some trout into this river which keeps anglers guessing. I have had some bad experiences in here in recent times and I really hope that some fish hold in here this season to restore faith in some fisherman.

Rain has been forecast for somewhere around Monday or Tuesday so I suppose we will wait and see what mother nature brings, but I wont be holding my breath on that one. Enjoy the clear conditions as it allows some fantastic sight fishing opportunities for most especially while fishing shallow riffles with a dry dropper combo summer style.

Best of luck



Email from Dave:

Hi Andrew
Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic morning out on the river last Monday. I learnt lots, enjoyed great company and the fish was an exciting bonus. I got to practice a couple of more mornings before heading home today. This morning’s wet lining effort resulted in 7 takes, 3 of which I got to the bank. The others I put down to a blunt hook not allowing it to penetrate properly.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the results from my new found skills. Thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge and being so patient with an old fella. J
Hope your truck saga works out ok.
Take care
Warm regards