Hi guys, Sorry for lack of reports but have been guiding all week and have this week booked solid so you wont be hearing from me. There are plenty of trout in most rivers and with the small amount of rain that we got today I will expect some more to push in. I have found dozens of fish for clients over the past week and they have all been in great condition. Tongariro fish are looking fantastic. The fish below was caught by Josh from Washington. This monster was caught wet lining the upper Waitahanui and was just under 9lb-the largest Rainbow I have been apart of. Look at the sheer beauty of this fish-amazing. He was returned to the river after a few pictures to fight another day. I will have some great reports for you when things quieten down but really have to be cleaning the truck, drying gear, making lunches and planning the next mission so will be in touch very soon. Thanks for checking in and be lucky