Hi guys,

Some great weather has been hanging about for a few days but I think we are set for a wet change in the morning. Although we are going to be seeing some rain in the next 24hrs we should still enjoy some warm conditions which will see us into summer. If you have been fishing over the weekend I hope you have done well but I do have a confession to tell as my last guiding morning was far from good. With so many highs over the past 6 weeks and some of the best fishing I have seen all year eventually we had to have a bad day and unfortunately this just happened to be Angela Buswell and husband Steve.

Saturday morning was a good early start in Turangi and we were first in the braids with high expectations of some good fresh fish which we have been used to seeing for the past few weeks. Angela and Steve had not fished before but this should not have really mattered as I had them in the spot I wanted and a long cast and perfect drift really is not needed usually but we touched nothing for two and a half  hours. The shoot was empty, honey pot bare, spot x was barren and under the willows produced nothing but snags???? What could possibly be the problem as not one angler had hooked a single trout all morning. Fishing prior to this morning has been very good and something was not quite right.

With a thousand things racing through my mind on where to head next we caught a quick breather and had a drink and something to eat as Angel had packed just a few things in the suitcase to have on the river. The first thing she dragged from the bottom of her small bag of goodies was a huge bunch of  bloody Bananas!! We all know that they are bad luck and they should not be let near water or any water event including boating , fishing, diving. As we laughed and joked about the curse we had the attention of most of the anglers in the braids which nearly caused a riot as there had not been a fish caught all morning

 . So….if your morning was hard on Saturday so was ours and after throwing the infectious fruit which was obviously cursed we were able to catch a trout from the Stag pool but still found things hard going. If you are thinking of coming fishing with me in the future leave them at  home, no wonder they are so cheap!!

I will be out on the river in the next few days with American clients Lyn and Gary so hopefully we will see some new fish pushing through and have some fun with some recovering fish in the faster water while fishing light. It wont be too long and we will start to see some action on the surface through the day and will no doubt see the odd big brownie to start to turn up which I look forward to. Summer fishing on the Tongariro is it’s best kept secret!

Tight lines.