Hi guys,

Angling pressure on most rivers continue to be fairly quiet considering perfect conditions and the time of year. The mornings have been busy with anglers looking in likely spots for fresh run trout but by the afternoon the river has been left barren. The Tongariro again has been the best for most anglers and I have spent all weekend with clients on this water which continues to produce fish in the best spots.

Thankfully I have had keen anglers which are ok with getting on the river early and they have in most cases been hooked up within a few casts. I really have seen the benefit of getting out of bed and hitting the river early which has left every client with fond memories of our fishery. Trout this week have not been monsters but are still in good condition and fight well which is all I ask for from our fishery this season. It is unusual not to get a good run from a fresh fish or some high jumps once you set that hook which going back 3 years ago was a rarity.

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Scott and his Dad fishing for a few hours after they had returned from a great morning up the mountain. Scott is 15 and had never fished before but had been tying all his own flies and knew more about trout fishing than most guys I see on the river. Scott’s enthusiasim reminded me of when I was his age and the eagerness I had to learn how to catch more trout and get better at casting. I was very lucky to have a Dad which is  a very good fisherman and did not mind me hanging about with him and his mates on fishing trips. Time spent on the water will make you all better fisherman but some of us have more opportunity than others.

My afternoon with Scott did not start till 2 30pm so we headed to the braids which had been very busy with anglers that morning but was empty as usual in the afternoon. My clients from Scotland had done well in the morning so I was hoping that the trout had settled down and were back where I had done well previously and Scott could catch his first trout on fly. Scott must have done a hell of alot of reading as he knew everything that I explained when setting up the nymph rig and soon had the line running out of the guides like  a pro. A little split shot added and he was hooked into his first trout within a dozen casts. Scott went on to hook four fish and land two of them which is a hell of an effort for  a first timer and will be a real threat to trout if he continues with his love for the delicate sport.

I was continually reminded of my younger years when Scott kept asking ” what about over there” “behind there” “down that edge” just as I must have been like when I was keen on hooking every fish in the river, sorry dad!.  I was instructed to spend most of my time with Scott so unfortunately Dad did not hook a trout which I’m sure he is paying for this week!!

Opening day of our other waterways was on the weekend and  I have not heard any positive results yet. I had plans to put the boat in and head up to Lake O but got fully booked with guiding which is good. Apparantly the lake was full of boats, campers and spin fisherman which hardly caught a fish between them so I’m glad I did’nt worry. Boat fisherman reported about a fish per boat for the day and the anglers on the canal got basically nothing so some grumbling anglers from here no doubt. I like this lake a bit later in the season when water warms slightly and fish start to patrol the weed beds. Fly life becomes more lively going into summer and the fish will act on these giving anglers more success usually.

Rain has been in the Central Plateau for the past 24 hrs so this may move some fish again giving mid week anglers some good fishing. With angling pressure low during the week it is a sobering thought to know that a few more fish will get high into the river and left alone to spawn quietly.

Tight lines guys

Andrew Christmas