Hi guys,

This is my last minute effort to touch base with you as I will be busy on the rivers for the next week or so with regular clients from both NZ and Australia. As you will see from the pictures my Dad is back in town and doing pretty well in both the Tongariro and the smaller backcountry streams. Dad was not due in for another week but with time on his hands and absolutely dying to wet a line he changed his tickets and arrived a week early which has worked out well for him.It was great to again spend time with my favourite fishing mate exploring some new water which I will now consider using.

The Tongariro over the past week has again been the best out of the Taupo rivers with fish coming to the net in most pools fished. The lower river is still producing small runs of fresh fish and the upper river pools producing darker tired trout which are on their way back to the lake. All trout are great sport and in my opinion there is no such thing as a bad fish as some days even the smallest sickest fish in the river gets me out of trouble!

The kelts which will start to show up in most of the river will be fairly easy to catch and great sport on the dry fly as the weather warms up and these trout start to eat more food to gain condition and weight. I will expect to be finding a mixed bag of trout in the river right through the summer with spawning runs becoming later and later, solid browns moving in anytime now and recovering rainbows returning from the upper river so expect the unexpected. This is the beauty of the Tongariro you just never no what might be in the next pool or what might happen by changing the slightest thing .

Wet weather is due to hit the area in the morning which should spike most rivers in the area and bring some more trout into all Taupo rivers I hope. The last river flood was quite substantial but unfortunatley was not quite right and fish simply did not respond by running the rivers like we had hoped-we were all expecting a big solid run which just did’nt happen. Sometimes a smaller amount of water or spike in the flow will be better than a full on flood so hopefully this rain will set up the perfect level, temperatures and smells to make it all happen.

Rain for the backcountry fishing is bloody terrible and has the opposite effect on fish compared with Taupo. I have been about a little while now and over time have discovered that all my best days are had when conditions are low and clear. Unfortunately this time of year is unpredictable and hard to read so hopefully we wont get too much rain as I have plans for some exciting head-water fishing with some talented anglers late in the week.

Most of the backcountry is slightly high at the moment after the rain we had during the week which really effected the fish numbers that Dad and I got onto today. Today we fished a piece of water which has very little pressure on it and would be lucky to see 6 anglers for the season but we struggled to find them and only hooked up to 11 trout. I’m not sure if fish are more spread out with more flow or they just switch of and wait for the level to drop to feed again but every time that a river is high in the backcountry my catch rate is usually halved.

In saying that we should not shake our heads at 11 fish for the day as it really is pretty good by most anglers standards. All fish were taken on small naturals and ranged from 3-6 lb with the best being a solid brownie again caught by the old fella-bugger!! Some fish still need time to put condition back on after a heavy few months spawning but they should be back up to weight in the next month or so.

Hopefully I will see you on the river this week, it should be another productive one!

Tight lines