Hi guys,

Well we are a moaning lot when we have no rain and we sure are when we have too much as well. All rivers in Taupo and the central Plateau are either flooded or very high and coloured. All this could not have come at a worse time for me as I am well into my guiding season and will struggle to find some water over the next couple of days. I was lucky enough to fish with two lovely women this morning and I think we were very lucky to get two fish from a coloured but still very busy Waitahanuie. There must have been 50 anglers on here today so needless to say it got quite a flogging.

The Tongariro has received a very good flush and seems to be holding quite high which I will be surprised if it is clear and fishable by the weekend. The TT has also blown out along with the Waimarino and Waiotaka which is now flowing over the main road, so we have had some good rain. The rivers closer to Taupo will be fishable but with the heavy pressure it will be receiving things are going to bloody hard going. The Hine may get a small run of late fish into the system spurred on by fresh rain and should keep some anglers busy but again they will be sought after by alot of keen anglers.

All is not lost  there are some lakes which usually get over looked but will be worth fishing depending on the rain and wind in the next day or so. Lake Rotaria, Lake O and Lake Kuratau all hold plenty of fish for the adventurous angler but sucess can vary from day to day as they are fragile fisheries with extra pressure.

I fished with Derrick on the Lake O canal with about 20 other anglers and did fairly well with the dirty water coming down the pipes. This is always popular with guides and anglers trying to find some water which may fish well especially when all other options have failed for the day I don’t really enjoy this fishing as it is always wet, cold and some times unproductive but it does quite often produce some good trout if you are there at the right time . We happened to get the lucky spot and Derrick enjoyed landing 7 good fish on small blood worm patterns and simple black nymphs. We must have been right on the edge of the weed bed as the poor buggers fishing either side of us had no luck at all. That’s fishing eh but it’s not all about the fishing!

It seems most of the country have been hit with the bad weather and most trout fisherman might be changing plans in the next few days but when levels drop and rivers clear we should be left with a few fish to play with. Sika show on in Taupo this weekend which can be good for fishing, hunting, clothing and some impressive taxidermy-always worth a look.

Tight lines, clear waters