Hey guys,

Another working week is ahead of most of you and another busy few days on the river awaits me with some regulars from Auckland. I am going to assume we may have a wet few days on the way with some colder blustery conditions but not as much rain as we received last week. I would like to see the weather settle down now as my backcountry fishing will be hard if we keep getting good amounts of rain.

I have just spent the last 3 days with Paul Bullock (like the cow) and Phil Norman who is a very regular customer from Brisbane. I had all sorts of different plans for these chaps including an exciting quad bike adventure but got caught short with flooded rivers and windy conditions. Our first day together was the hardest with all rivers still too high except the Waitahanui but this river was really hard going as it got a flogging the day before from most of Taupo. We fished the morning at the nui only hooking into one reasonable fish which then managed to shake the hook at the last minute so we headed to the Hine which was just as hard. The Hine was flowing hard and still fairly dirty and with the lack of fisherman about  I did not have much hope of things being much better. Unfortunately for the first time with Phil I advised him to go home and put his feet up as we were not going to get anywhere until that Tongas dropped.

The next morning at first light was a different story and with levels on the Tongariro being back to 80 cumecs I hurried the boys down to the usual backwaters and started pulling fish out with the second drift. Paul enjoyed dealing to his first trout and was ecstatic with his 4 or 5 fish hooked in the first hour not to mention the countless hook up’s which Phil was enjoying. The backwaters of a dropping river are always good places to be when the river is clearing but being early is the key here as there is limited room and quite a few anglers wishing to join in. We fished until about 8am and then gave the best spot away to join Shaz for a coffee.

It did ‘nt seem to really matter where you fished we had pretty good hook up’s most of the day with the end figure being about 17 or so. Glo bugs were on the menu most of the day with the odd one falling to the Green Caddis late in the day-there must be alot of food dislodged in the system at the moment. A mixture of trout were caught including some pretty good silver fish but they were again a little on the small side. Typically for this time of year we also found quite alot of recovering fish which are obviously being washed back from up high after spawning, some anglers moan and groan about these guys but a fish is a fish when things are hard and they are all good fun to catch. 

As we had to cancel the main event which was going to be the quad bike adventure  Phil had asked about taking a raft down the Tongariro from the Blue Pool and pulling out at the main rd bridge. I did’nt think it was the best idea as I was thinking most of the fish might still be in the lower river on their way up but I soon found myself on the phone to Rafting New Zealand booking a float. In credit to Phil this turned out to be an excellent idea because the river was fairly busy but most anglers could not get onto the true right bank as the river was still too high to cross. As we leisurely floated down we got to put fresh foot prints on every pool all day until we got to the bridge.

I was not sure how far the fish had made it up after the flood but I was soon reassured when Paul hooked one third cast in the Boulder pool. Again another big day was had by fishing the edge of any big piece of water or ofcoarse a bypass. Our best results came from Boulder Pool, Boulder reach, Upper Birch, Never fail’s and the true right of Judges. The boys enjoyed the rafting and hit good numbers of fish ending up slightly better than the previous day-40 odd for two days is very good.  

Phil and Paul certainly ended up having a good trip despite the flooded conditions for the first couple of days. Phil is one of my best customers and his emails of enquiry are always welcome which nearly always end up in a good booking and a good TIP at the end of our trip. I received the same good tip this trip as all the others. “Andrew here is your tip myself and Paul have put together for you, BE GOOD TO YOUR MOTHER”  Funny man-seeya again soon

Tight lines guys