Fishing has continued to be fairly productive over the past week with plenty and in some cases the largest amount of spawning fish I have seen this season in the Tongariro. DOC reports that good numbers are going through the traps now which just proves that the spawning runs are less predictable and in fact late compared to 20 years ago.

Guiding has again been busy and I have been out most mornings with rugby fans or Fathers and Son’s as they are on school holidays. This time of year is always fairly busy and with a long weekend upon us this weekend will be no different. Monday might the best day to be out as most of NZ will either have a headache or be tired at the least from watching the frogs get squashed against the All Blacks.

Early mornings have been very productive in the lower with plenty of silver fish in the faster deeper water and coloured up jacks in the riffles, especially in the braids. Anglers have caught onto the fact that the early bird will catch the worm and most of the popular pools or runs are full by 7am but empty by 9am. There was a couple of occasions this week in which the braids were totally empty by 9am.

A mixed bag with weather conditions this week with the westerly wind being a real problem for most by 10am. When the wind blows hard straight down the Tongariro go home  and get warm and venture onto one of the smaller rivers starting with Wai as this will make casting and getting a drift slightly more comfortable if you can keep it out of the trees of coarse.

As I said we have seen some pretty  healthy looking fish through this week which have all been good sport for most. Again the majority have not been monsters but their condition has made up for that with good solid shoulders and silver flanks. Johnathon from Auckland had a great first NZ fishing experiences hooking into 9 fish in a few hours with the best being 4.5lbs which had him rock hopping for several hundred metres down the fast water. Johnathon has recently moved over from Wales and rates our fishery as world class and a lot of fun without the hassle of back home.

Also had the pleasure of fishing with Leon and son Daniel which have been fishing for some while but without any luck. Pictured above is Daniel with his first ever cast, hooked and landed trout which he released soon after  a pic. Your fishing life will be good Daniel there is not many young keen guys out there especially ones which want to release trout, well done mate!!! Leon also landed 4 or 5 fish which all went back to spawn and we all came away from the morning with positive results and something to remember.

Fly patterns are nothing unusual with the glo bugs working well in the morning on silver fresh trout and small naturals in the faster riffles while playing with spent, colured or tried fish. River conditions I think are perfect at the moment with them running slightly high but clear. The odd rain shower keeps them topped up and will be adding to the appeal to encourage a few fish to enter the river most nights. Most of you will start to see a few small fish turning up now  and they will go out of their way to scruff your fly especially on the swing so please treat these guys with care and release with gentle hands-they are only babies after all.

Have fun out there