Hi guys,

Well another windy week has passed which has left rivers free from anglers but there’s enough websites out there moaning and groaning about things we cant change so lets talk about places we can fish if the Tongariro is too windy for most of us. I once again have got my fishing mojo back and with some free days at the moment I have been lucky enough to head into the hills exploring new water which I just love. My friend James came up from Napier this time and it was my turn to find us something a little special which could involve sight fishing, dry fly and awesome scenery.

We were on the road fairly early escaping the crowds of road bikes lining up for the cycle challenge on Saturday which I did’nt miss getting stuck behind coming back from Turangi. It was not long and James was acting like a little kid asking me if we were there yet, how far to go and as I did’nt know where I was going he got not far now answer for about an hour. I think we were on the road for about an hour and half and ended up way put the back of Rotorua somewhere in thick native bush but on a very special little river in which I have fallen in love with.

As it was a small delicate little piece of water I had packed my sage #4wt as I expected most fish to be no larger than 3 or 4 lb. I did’nt even get the bugger lined up before I snapped the tip taking it out of the rod sock which had James in stitches for about 5 minutes. So down to one rod for the day we headed for the hills and found fish in the very first pool from where we parked he car. This was not un usual and we continued to see three or four fish per pool for the entire day. This river was holding great numbers of fish and I was very surprised on the condition and size of the trout which were fairly easy to catch, I could’nt help but think maybe this piece of water did not get fished very often?

Again the scenery was pretty good with thick native bush on both sides of the very clear and in some areas thin river. If there was a fish in the pool we would see it there was not alot of water you could fish without seeing the trout first which is quite nice. There is nothing better than seeing your target first and trying to get a line to him in which he moves to. The fish were not quite on the surface yet but very close, I would say the next month or so will push these fish to looking up a little more often. We managed three fish on the dry fly but most were taken on a small black nymph called a Biotic -which is another commercially tied pattern that you can pick up from Taupo Rod’n Tackle. 

 I did try most fish on the dry as it is always nice to see that sort of action but fish which were nymphing hard were not keen on it but took the small nymph nearly first cast once the change was made. I saw a few solid trout but most fish were in the 2-3lb range and all rainbows. I would say as summer rolls on this river may become a little harder with less water flow but will be obviously better on the dry fly so there could be a trade of there.

We fished up stream for nearly 6 hours and enjoyed catching about 20 fish and most certainly must have seen nearly 30 so we had a really productive day in a new place we had not ventured before. I will be going back again as soon as the next few days become free but with exploring on my mind at the moment maybe I should search google earth and head somewhere new once more.

A few browns seem to be turning up on the Tongariro which will see many anglers again changing rigs and areas in which they will be fishing. This is  exciting stuff and a real gem to the Tongariro which has got anglers changing their minds on the summer fishing in which this river can produce. There will be several double figure trout again landed this year and they will turn up when you wont expect them so be prepared anyway. In most cases now and especially the faster thinner water I have been using a Cicada pattern with a dropper, with the dropper being the target fly still. In saying that….we did have a kelt on the Cicada this week but I’m fairly certain it was a fluke which wont happen regularly just yet. Start of the upper river this week so the raft will be loaded and we are getting into it so stay tuned and you should see some great reports coming in especially if the weather is sunny and bright.

Tight lines