Hi guys, Well then let’s see if I can find my way around this website again as it has been a while I know. Thanks for all your emails of concern but all is OK and we are back on line so you can expect some reports again of when I have been out. It was nice to enjoy a week or two of over the Christmas period with bad weather and flooded rivers but with plenty going on and some good fishing happening we better get serious.

Weather conditions have been very weird and the fishing has suffered as part of it with many anglers not having been able to wet the line for weeks on end. It is now raining again in Taupo and is supposed to be for a few days which is now just not needed so hopefully this will be the last of it. I have been booked solid for a few weeks now an have really only been able to get a hand full of days in which is starting to drive me mad. The backcountry has all been high and dirty for sometime as has most of the local rivers even the Waitahanui was dirty for a couple of days.

The bright side of it all is that the fish have not been killed by holiday fisherman and the backcountry rivers will fish well again when the conditions are right. Usually the precious delicate fish of the Whakapapa and Whanganui get a hiding from anglers which are meat hunters which generally just fish a few weeks per year but they have not been able to fish due to high water so just maybe those fish have been saved thankfully.

Fishing on Lake Taupo has been very good and most boat fisherman will be speaking highly of both fish numbers and condition of trout which are being taken on a variety of methods. Jigging, deep trolling and harling when the sun is of the water has been very productive. I have had my little boat of Waitahanui and caught some great silver fish on smelt flies which are full of food and sporting fantastic orange flesh so lets hope these guys make it up the rivers this winter. I have been surprised with fish size too, most trout caught have been well above 3lb so they must be eating something which is good for them.

River fishing has been hard going in my opinion but this is no different to any other year but just the time of year depending on what rivers systems you are in . Backcountry rivers will fish very well as soon as the levels and water clarity are right but the local rivers here in Taupo will remain challenging some days. Brown trout are starting to get caught by good anglers every day now especially in rivers like the Waitahanui and Tongariro and these will be what most anglers will have in mind while targeting these waters. Good browns are getting picked up in the river mouths on dark nights and still mornings and it will not be long and the Waitahanui will have some trophy specimens in it once again. This time last year the Tongariro was full of brownies of very large sizes but this season they are slightly behind and anglers have not run into them in quite the same numbers and sizes. I have personally not caught one yet but will expect a client to hook one in the next week or so, hopefully it will be an experienced angler as some of these take some skill and catching.

I have been putting some time in on Lake O which has been both hard at times but really exciting at others, typical Lake O. This lake has fished fairly well over the past few weeks and some fantastic size and condition fish have come out as well as some beauties lost in the weed which we will never no about. All fish we have boated have been released and I still think that anglers should be putting fish back in here instead of killing them. I know that anglers want this lake to return to a trophy lake and they think that fish should be culled in here but I think given time there will be trophy fish in here again anyway. We have caught plenty of fish around 7lb here this week and it is so nice to be able to do this several times in a day. The lake has plenty of food and at times looking into the water we could see weed, snails, dragon flies and cicadas it looked like a perfect food soup for trout so given time these fish will get to a great size again. If we make this into a trophy fishery we can kiss good bye to having a ten fish day but would be lucky to hook a fish over a couple of days, you watch them moan then!! I would much rather have a special little lake in which I can go and catch good numbers of big fish with the rare opportunity of catching a trophy!.

Lake O has been fairly popular over the holiday period and most days over 10 boats are scattered around the deeper water but everyone has remained positive about the fishery so they must all be having some luck. Best method for us this week has been plonking or using a small indicator suspending small nymphs. These are placed on the edges of weed beds for crusing trout to find or run into, my favourite fly has been the Red Headed Step Child for this style of fishing.

Stripping Woolly Buggers also take good numbers of trout while fished behind a slow sink tip line but I have found best conditions are when it is windy and overcast. The lake can be fairly shallow in places and the wind and overcast conditions can give you some cover and fish more confidence to move on stripped flies, I love this fishing it is great to feel a solid trout hit a moving fly!!  The fighting qualities of these lake trout are just amazing and many fish are lost due to the power of the fish and the weed beds in which they call home. I really hope this fishery continues just how it has over the past few years as it will be a real shame to see this special place deteriorate. All photo’s in this blog are Lake O trout, it does’nt get much better does it ??

Tight lines guys