Hi guys,

Another busy week has passed and local rivers have fished well with good results coming from wet lining and nymphing. River levels have been slightly up and down with the random rain storms we are getting at the moment which seem to be a common thing at the moment and is indeed forecast for the month. The Tongariro has fished very well this week as has the Waitahanui river and the river mouth especially with the dark still nights.

The Tongariro is a very interesting fishery at the moment with solid browns in most of the middle reaches and plenty of rainbows feeding well in the oxygenated faster water. The rainbows are a mixed bag with plenty of recovering fish and the odd smaller but silver trout which have left their runs very late but have been encouraged into the river with the latest coloured water.

Angling pressure on the rivers over the past week has been very quiet and I have not once had to change plans because other anglers were in my possie first. Nymphing has taken most fish this week but when I do come across a piece of perfect wet lining water I have still got my guys to throw a Woolly Bugger through it and on most occasions has worked very well. The fish we are getting on the wet line have actually been the better fish and they are chasing it and hitting it hard which has been exciting for clients. I am in very much summer stalking mode when it comes to wondering up the river at the moment.

I have cut the weight of my nymphing rig right back and am only fishing fairly light in most water as I am targeting riffley runs and fast water as opposed to deep holding pools. Walking slowly and reading water has been important this will ensure you will see those browns sitting in the slack water before you stumble upon them. Nymphs such as small Hare and Coppers, Prince nymphs, Quasimodo’s and PT nymphs will do the damage at the moment.  

I still haven’t been able to land  a brown myself or with a client just yet but we did manage to scare a few between the Stag pool and Cattle Rustlers. Sometimes they will be easy to catch and grab the first well drifted nymph other times they spook on the tightest of casts and other times they will sit dead in the water until you poke them with the end of your rod!!! This is what makes them exciting to target I think. I read a report during  the week which advertised one angler catching many browns over 4.5kilo and seeing a rainbow over 6.5kilo’s??? I haven’t even seen one this big let alone catching a few so would’nt mind seeing a few pics or maybe even fish with this guy for a day! 

Lake fishing has again be very good with boaties reporting solid fish from all methods. Again I have had some fun with the harling lines last thing at night which has produced good silver fish with smelt inside them. I actually saw a large ball of smelt today in the harbour which is encouraging to see. With the lake results being positive maybe this is why the rivers are fairly quiet at the moment. All the nice fish have to spawn so hopefully we will see them carrying the condition through till winter and up the rivers for fly fisherman to target. 

 The backcountry has been up and down like a yo yo and is currently high and coloured which will make things slightly harder to fish I think. I have been in touch with a lodge owner this week who lives close to the Whanganui and Whakapapa rivers and he reports the rivers to be hard going for most due to the fluctuwating levels and coloured water conditions. When the levels are ok and the clear water re appears the anglers have been flocking to the popular public access areas forcing an early start for guys like me.

Hopefully might see you on the river this week.