Hi guys,

Well the weather has left a nice gap and here at Taupo Trout Guide I am flat out trying to catch up with lost work or clients which have been promised the next best day, thanks for your patience. I must admit I have got the bug back and really enjoying being on the water at the moment especially with plenty of good fishing to have. I think the bad weather over the last few weeks and especially the holiday period has saved many fisheries from anglers and we sure are seeing these waters start to fire now.

Today was one of those days which I just love to be a trout fishing guide and to have the pleasure and priviledge to show Sven from Germany some very special water that I love to explore. The backcountry can be  a hard place to get right with water levels and access points but when it all comes together you can be left with some very special memories.

Sven is an exceptional angler and a perfect client to fish with on a back country river as I can move him quickly through pools and make difficult casts at fish which make up for good numbers over the day. Sven had no problem hitting 40ft casts but also fishing tight under trees which accounted for a few solid fish. As you can see from the photos there are some lovely maiden fish in the river which fight like trains but also some solid older fish which were edging around the 5lb mark.

Germany has some very nice fishing and Sven told many stories of some fantastic wild trout fisheries which he pays to fish but they could just not be compared to what we can offer here in NZ. After we had landed two fish Sven declared that his day was made up and aything more was just a bonus, I smiled and laughed as we were only two pools into the beat and I could see that the fish were on the go and were going to co- operate. I think we finished the day with over 20 good trout and the smile could not be wiped from his face.

The rivers still seem to be fairly high and some crossings today were a little deep but the clarity of the water is ok which is the main thing I think. Nymphing took all fish today and the mighty Quasimodo knocked them dead fished behind a medium sized front fly. I would say the fish will be on the surface when the sun is out but we had wet, showery, sunny NZ conditions so we stuck with nymphing but we did have a fish take the indicator while fishing one bubble line. Cicada’s did start chirping late in the day so with a few more hot days I think they will fire up and excite the trout.

I’m not sure how many fish were hooked and landed but we hooked fish in every single pool with some pools producing up to 5 fish in a run. Sven had never experienced so many big hard fighting fish in one day and said that his mates just wont believe him and he would’nt if he had’nt experienced it. I must admit we happened to hit things right and the fish had not been fished at for quite sometime so the perfect scene was set. Experienced anglers will realize that all days are not like this and most likely Sven’s next outing will be boring when comparing the two but I think he made the most of this one and walked away with some amazing photo’s and solid memories.

My best advice to you all is if you are trying to go fishing but the weather is putting you of as it is not perfect you are missing out- just run with the ball and get out there other wise you may miss out on some amazing summer fishing. Conditions look good for the next week or so and the river levels should stay right for us so get in contact and let’s go. If you are reading Mark Norton give me a ring!

Tight lines .