Hey there, OK just a quick update on whats been observed over the past few days on our rivers and local lakes. The weather seems to be fairly nice at the minute and most anglers are able to fish where they desire whether it be the lake or river. Lake Taupo continues to fish very well with all methods, the trick being is to match your method with the right time of day. Good condition trout continue to make anglers smile and grin especially those fishing for the smoker.

The rivers seem to be fairly quiet for most with the Tongariro being the most reliable for dry fly action in the evening or stalking good browns during the day. There are rainbows about but finding them has been tricky for me the last few days anyway. If you are wanting to fish for a large brown now is as good as time as any with good numbers scattered through out the likely spots. If you are finding them hard to catch try fishing when they are feeding the most and that will be at night, this is when the best of them are caught.

I guided on the Hine yesterday and picked up four fish in the evening on the dry fly which was kinda fun.I must admit they were very small with the largest being about 1lb so not much to report in there again. The Waitahanui has got brown trout, here is a pic of one that I caught a few days ago which was about 5 lb again. There are not the numbers here which were here last week but if you walk slow enough and stalk the edges you will see a few, put your eyes on. Night fishing at the mouth would be the most productive especially at the moment with no moon and flat conditions.

I usually do not advertise Lake O very much as it has become quite a busy fishery over the past few years but I have had some wonderful outings in the last couple of weeks. The trout are in awesome summer condition and will fight till the bitter end if they don’t get you in the heavy weed beds first. This lake has a great food source which must be the reason they have so much energy and muscle about them. Some days on this lake it can be very very hard and I get dealt one every now and again but if you hit them right it can also be magic. Always pack plenty of clothing options as the climate can change in minutes leaving you cold, wet and stranded-typical NZ!

Make the most of the nice weather guys

Tight lines