Hi guys,

Perfect fishing conditions through out the North Island currently with most rivers being low and clear which is allowing anglers to access good water and find concentrated fish. I have been out on a few rivers running of the mountain in the last couple of weeks and have found rivers to be in good order and the fish happy to play the game. With low water conditions and summer weather warming the water slightly the rocks have become slimey and can be hard to navigate safely so be aware of that. If you can read water fairly well you will find locating fish fairly easy as they are holding where they should be trying to get the most of the oxygenated running water and the best food source. Backcountry fish are generally in very good condition currently the best ones being the maiden fish which will always fight till the last flick of the tail.

Local rivers are all low at the moment and are carrying some good trout depending wich sysytem you are on. I personally think the Tongariro is producing the best at the moment with some huge brownies throughout the river and the odd silver rainbow. Rainbows are a little thin on the ground currently and most fisherman are picking up skinny or recovering fish especially on the evening rise. There are quite a few smaller specimans which may have been this years juveniles making their way to the lake so take care with these…..apparantly brown trout like to eat them also??

I went for a quick few hours on the Tongariro over the weekend and found some good fish from the Stag up to Cattle Rustlers. I caught two or three rainbows before I was interupted by the release of the canal up river which made the river quite filthy for several hours. I had totally forgot about this and was now stuck on the true right bank with a long walk back to the Major Jones Bridge.

I was’nt to keen on that walk so tramped up to Cattle rustlers where I noticed quite a few brownies laying close in the edge escaping all the dirty water and pumice which was by now making the river look like soup. Nek Minite I realized that they were feeding quite well on all the stuff dislodged in the water with the extra flow, the flash of white was the inside of their mouths as they picked off what they wanted. It’s not often I see this or see browns feeding quite so well during the day so I tied on my biggest ugliest nymph which was soon accepted by the largest of the fish I could see. A great battle of ten minutes or so and I had landed the brownie above which was a perfect specimen of what the river has to offer this summer, you just need to be in the right place at the wrong time it seems. Crossing back across was interesting and I was glad I was alone and not being watched as it may have made “I should’nt be alive” TV show.

Yesterday I was guiding Bruno from South Africa and as he was an experienced angler we headed into the hills and found some water which was quiet despite the long weekend which I imagined might have been busy. Again low conditions are perfect out here and I was fairly confident of a good few hours especially after the first pool produced a good conditioned maiden hen. As the morning drew into the afternoon the fishing got better and better with fish moving onto the nymph fairly well in most runs as long as the nymph was presented softly. With the river low we were only using very light nymphs , just enough to penetrate the first few inches of the river this was enough for trout to see them and move to take. I love this type of fishing and it is nice to see anglers control drifts and casts easily instead of struggling with heavy flies in the air which don’t fly quite so easily. I will admit we got punished in the fast water with the slimey rocks and simply could not make line back on some of the fish hooked which resulted in  lost fish and gear but it’s all good fun “better to be loved than not loved at all”.

Some  good days to be had with this weather guys