Hi guys,

This week I have been blessed with anglers with both motivated, strong fishing minds but also skills to burn so we have been able to show them some of the best fishing the North Island has to offer. Both the Tongariro and the backcountry has been very productive and I would think the summer fishing is at it’s peak currently. Dry fly has been fantastic over the past week and the Cicada’s are really noisy on all rivers even during the rain. The fish have well and truly tuned onto them now and most of you should find it fairly easy to get the attention of a few fish when throwing these huge dry flies.

I had a great day on the Tongariro with Antonio from Italy catching many rainbows of varying condition and two very good brownies which made his holiday.  Armed with a #4wt sage he was giving the fish a fighting chance but the right angler who is quick on his feet and skilled in landing fish will have no problems. Often overseas anglers will use light rods and I am fast becoming a fan of casting lines and rods which weigh nothing, picking up the winter rig will be strange. Antanio was open to where we fished but stated that he did not want to catch a fish at all if it was not on a dry fly, least I did’nt have to worry about what to use . Luckily the fish were looking up and and we ended up with 15 trout for the day all taken from shallow runs or fast riffles. I only use one dry fly to imitate a Cicada as it is the right colour, size, floats high and I can see it well…Turks Tarantula tied by Umpqua pick them up at Taupo Rod’n Tackle.

The backcountry……well where do I start. If you can find some remote good water with nice fish numbers you will get some amazing summer Cicada fishing. The Cicada’s are wide spread this year and they have the attention of all fish even on the days which are raining and overcast. I like to fish on bright sunny days at fish that I have seen but while I was fishing with Frodo and Tore from Norway yesterday it was pouring with rain and overcast yet the fish still could be pulled to the surface with a big dry splashed in the run. The river was not in perfect condition and was actually carrying quite a bit of colour but this had no real effect on the fish which were feeding. We had a fantastic day with over 20 good trout hooked which left both anglers gobsmacked and impressed with our fishing which we can get here. Both anglers are very fit, smart and enthusiastic so we were able to cover a lot of river concentrating on only pools or runs in which I have done well in before.

Frodo only wanted to fish a dry all day and Tore was happy to fish the dry and dropper rig so they worked in well together. As you can see the fish are fat in condition and both the rainbows and browns have had good summers this reflecting in the fighting ability and size of fish. Our remote backcountry rivers really are very special and it is so nice and a pleasure to share it with anglers such as these guys as they appreciate even the small things like scenery, water quality, bird life which we sometimes take for granted. Effort was needed yesterday, it was not for the faint hearted as we left Turangi at 6 30am and got back at 8pm but it will be a day which we all remember forever. Frodo commented that overseas anglers don’t know what they are missing and that tells me that many of us take it from granted, New Zealand has so much to offer.

Anglers which are thinking of exploring some of these areas should get out there asap as these fish wont be acting like this all summer and will eventually once again hit the bottom looking for nymphs. There will be a few more weeks of great dry fly fishing especially with the Cicada still in good numbers so you still have time. Get in contact if you are keen on a simillar trip as these guys and just maybe we can find some fish like these.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas