Hi guys,

Once again there has been very few anglers on local rivers despite the Cicada fishing being very good. The brown trout are big and there seems to be good numbers of rainbows in the faster water which are willing to attack your fly in hope for an easy feed. Once the flow of the Tongariro eases and clears we should see some good fishing.

The featured anglers above are Malanie and Rex which are keen fisho’s from Montana, Bozeman in-fact. Bozeman is the headquarters for SIMMS products which are generally what I prefer to fish in most days in NZ conditions. Melanie rang up and kept her request fairly simple for their half day adventure, they just wanted to see and have a chance at hooking a good sized Brown trout that they had heard about, too easy !. Our fishery is a wonderful Brown trout fishery which is getting better and better every year and will soon be recognized world wide as one of the best.  I wonder if Melanie and Rex would have fished in Taupo, spent money in Taupo on accommodation, cafes, hire car or tourisim shops if we did not have these wonderful fish in our rivers or if we tried to charge them a more expensive tourist license to fish for them?? Our Wild Brown Trout is one of the worlds most sought after sport fish and we need to make sure it continues to thrive in our unique fishery. As you can see Melanie had a dream come true and they will now be back in the future.

Just a short one to think about.