Hi guys, This will be the last chance I get for the rest of the week to get a quick report in as work has gone crazy and there does’nt seem to be enough days in the week. I guided over the weekend and had some good fishing both days on the Cicada patterns. The Tongariro is my favourite river locally at the moment and it continues to fish well and produce some solid summer fish especially the brownies. The Tongariro was very busy on Saturday but Sunday morning was very quiet and we did’nt see another angler??

I have been fishing a big Cicada pattern with a nymph trailing behind but most days find the fish are only wanting the dry which quickly allows me to take the nymph away. Most clients love just throwing the cicada by itself as they find it very easy fishing and they can direct their cast slightly better. I love this type of fishing and when the conditions are right you can be getting fish from both shallow runs and slow deep pools. 

It has been a funny summer with no real go to place or method and the dry fly has been no different. Some mornings I can get fish to take hard on the surface but occasionally they wont be looking up till lunch time. Sun, light and wind are all factors which seem to alter the dry fly action but if you are on the river for the day eventually you will get them up. We have had some cooler nights and dew on the grass the last few mornings and I feel we only have another week or so of Cicada action before they have all died. Hopefully with a bit of luck the trout may remember them for a few days after they have gone and continue smashing flies from the surface. It is always dissapointing to see the end of dry fly fishing but it wont be too long and the first early spawners may start to appear and offer some different angling.

Brown trout continue to excite local and overseas anglers. The Tongariro is getting some amazing brownies this season and they can be caught without going out at night occasionally. I have been very lucky to have some good anglers lately with great skills so when we have finally found one which was feeding we have generally hooked him. I always take my time with brownies which are feeding and never rush in and just start casting at them . Sometimes I might just watch them for ten minutes trying to work out what they are eating, how often they are eating and where I am best to cast from as I know you realistically only have one good shot. After every bad cast or refusal from the fish your chances plummet so suck it up and make your first one count. I was lucky enough to fish with Peter on Sunday from the UK and his skills were enough to land this beauty brown from the upper river. Peter is used to fishing the Test River back in England and was ecstatic to land this wild fish which was his best ever brownie. Peter managed to also hook four other rainbows on our half day out together but they all managed to escape so I was glad he landed the one that counted the most.

See you next week guys

Andy Xmas