Hi guys, Sorry for the reports lately but business has been very busy which is a good thing this late in the season. We have finally had some fairly good weather for long periods and I have been able to get into some great areas with some fantastic people. Daylight savings have gone back to winter hours now and there is  certainly a feeling of winter in the air and not far away. Anglers will be getting on the rivers earlier in the next few weeks as the river will be come more and more busy going into winter with fishermen looking for the best of this winters fish.

The Tongariro has fished fairly well generally if you keep moving and cover plenty of water. There seems to be some nice rainbows going through and still some massive brownies which keep anglers entertained. The browns have certainly started to drop off in numbers but are still being caught everyday especially around the town pools. A mate of mine fished the lower river last week quite hard and found alot of fresh fish pushing into the river but they were hard to catch and seemed very spooky with hardly any cover in places due to gravel removal and willow trees being pulled out, he also mentioned it all looks pretty ugly down there. This winter we will see alot of anglers in town pools like Judges, Major Jones, Hydro and Admirals due to the braids being no longer, it was such a great place to fish!

Other rivers have been good too with the Waitahanui still holding good brownies and some really good conditioned rainbows. There has been some very good fish caught already this season by experienced anglers here and this river will continue to get some of the best early fish for Taupo. I have guided twice here over the past week or so and caught fish on both occasions, so there must be plenty in there! The river mouth is always worth a flick on the dark nights and fishing a big black wet fly will always take the best of the fish on the right night, some real trophys pass through this mouth every week its just about being in the right place when they do.

Over the past few weeks I have been all over the place fishing in many different catchments including Whiranaki. Rotorua, National Park, Taupo and Lake O and they have all performed fairly well which is both lucky and impressive for this time of year. I cant say things have always been easy but we have certainly had luck on our side somedays and been lucky with some usually hard to catch trout. I did have one nightmare day which stands out over the past few weeks where we could nt get a fish to the net on the Tongariro but that was the only one. All fish in the backcountry are in great condition now and really hard fighting sometimes leaving anglers spooled and wondering what the hell just happened! Peter from Sydney has caught fish of the week for me with the perfect rainbow above which gave a great fight before I slipped him in the net after chasing down the rapids, he was released at 7lb so it wont be long and he may get to a trophy.

Taupo Fishing Club had it’s annual fishing comp on the 24th and 25th of last month and was very well attended again with a record number of 137 anglers. Most anglers managed to weigh in a fish over the weekend and some were lucky enough to walk away with some amazing prizes from very kind sponsors. Fish were in great condition from both rivers and the lake with the best fish coming from Waitahanui straight or river. I helped out on the weigh station and it was great to see bins with smelt in them obviously thrown up from the fish which were coming in. It was disappointing to have to disqualify an angler and his fish for various reasons which were obvious to the weigh committee. This is  a really good fun natured event which will just get better and better with time. My dad fished the weekend and struggled with fish numbers but at the last minute he came through with the goods and landed a fish from the Stag pool which had a condition factor of 56 which won the best conditioned trout for the tournament, tinny buger!

Have a great Easter guys and will no doubt see you on the river if you are lucky enough to be out.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas