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Plenty of fishing to be had over the last few days and indeed over the next week with rivers dropping slightly setting perfect conditions for fresh run fish to slip up the edges of the rivers. Both backcountry and local rivers have fished well over the past week by wisely choosing your water suited best to the conditions. Rainbows are in great condition this season and anglers are generally pretty happy with what they are seeing, some anglers are still running into the odd good brown too.

The TT and hine have all been fairly high for a week or so now but are still very fishable if you know the river and where to find the fish. With extra flow and winter conditions we are  now using winter Taupo methods which will mean plenty of weight and larger flies which can be picked up in dis-coloured waters. I have not personally fished the TT but there seems to be some fairly good fish coming out of this overlooked piece of water, it may be time to explore again? The Hine has been wonderful and I have not failed in here for quite some weeks now. The word is out and most rivers towards Taupo have been busy most mornings with anglers especially the Waitahanui while the westerly winds thump the mouth which should be pushing fish into the river. The Tongariro still to be fairly slow with anglers which has me confused as the fishing in here has also been ok most days.

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The Tongariro generally will recieve it’s bigger spawning runs later in the season after the smaller rivers have fired. The Tongariro will always fish best after a good spell of cold weather or indeed higher water conditions as this will set the perfect stage for a safe run to the headwaters for our precious trout. I have fished the Tongariro over the past couple of days and managed fish in most pools but no big numbers like you may get in the Hine currently. I have actually had some good results using small naturals instead of large glo bugs which many anglers may go to at this time of year. With higher water flow there will be good numbers of fish which will grab a glo bug when it is plonked in front of them but you imagine how much Caddis and other small insect life which must be getting dislodged!! Trout will very rarely let a Caddis go past if it is presented drag free.

I also spent a day in the backcountry on Sunday just before the water started  to rise and found fish on most beats we used as there has been very little angling pressure out there since summer left us. Fish were not huge but are in very good condition with the older fish developing eggs and starting to sport their spawning colours. Again small PT nymphs and Quasimodo’s were the best fly for us and we ended the day with a dozen or so fish which was a good result for Jeff. We fished very public water all day on a weekend and we saw no anglers so now would be a great time to have some fun out there. Some of our backcountry rivers will be closing at the end of the month including some specialized lakes so make sure you are aware of what ones these will be to save embarrassment.

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Finally with some low cloud and rainy weather my trusty Lab Rock has been able to fetch a few ducks back. With clear skies and warm conditions the ducks have been too smart for me and Rock  had nearly given up on me all together so it was nice to see him back and working doing what he does best.

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