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Things have slightly picked up over the past week with some good numbers of fish again being caught in the smaller rivers of Lake Taupo. There is a good amount of rain due in the next few days and this should move fish into all rivers especially the Tongariro. There has been some very good fish from the Waitahanui this past week both in the river and the rip and I heard one angler say it would be the pick of the rivers at the moment.

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The Hine has again been very good especially in the lower reaches with goo numbers of silver fish in the 3lb mark. These are not huge fish but give up a great little scrap in this faster smaller river with tricky landing conditions. Usually when you can find one or two in here you will find fish scattered throughout the entire straight and you should enjoy a good few hours before loosing touch with them, Sometimes I must admit that it does pay to get through these areas early in the morning before anglers scare them through to deeper harder water.

Glo bugs have fished ok first thing in the morning on these colder mornings but most anglers are catching the best fish by using small naturals, it may be a different story in the next few days when the rain has eased and left higher water. Quasimodo nymphs are doing the business with most fish but PT nymphs or Hare and Coppers will do just as well. Matt at Taupo Rod’n Tackle have a great range of nymphs in most sizes and a huge range of glo bugs so if your needing any locally tied patterns taht wont fall apart get in and see him they really are a neat tie.

The river mouths will be an exciting place to be in the next few weeks as they will have plenty of fish hanging around waiting for the rain to fill the rivers. Fish are mostly in great condition and it’s a great time to get some good eating males if you need some for the smoker for those cold winter evenings with crackers and wine. The delta has been patchy but the TT, Waimarino and Waitahanui have been great when fishing the true deeper drop points.  Heave and leaves, Boobie patterns are favourites especially after dark but the good old Woolly Bugger will take fish most days fished on the right sink rate line. The Taupo fishery is an exciting place to be in the winter and this year is no different.

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Lets see what the next few days brings. Any questions or requests for anything to do with fishing give me a call.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas