Hi guys,

Here we are again and I have much the same to report on the past week as the last simply due to the lack of anglers on the rivers at the moment. All rivers have good trout in them but many are getting past fisherman and not being recorded which I suppose is not such a bad thing.Those who are getting out early are catching some very good from the Tongariro and the Hine seems to be fishing well most of the day for those who can follow groups of trout as they move.

Currently we are getting some rain and the westerly wind is blowing in on the river mouths so we should see some good fishing in the next few days as fresh fish push into the rivers to spawn. I am very fortunate to have some guiding on this week from regular clients so hopefully we can show them some good fishing. It really is a nice feeling seeing some rain and wind just before you are due to guide good clients as it should’nt be too hard to find some fresh runners.

I have still been doing best on small natural patterns in the Hine while using home tied patterns from Taupo Rod’n Tackle , these are seriously good flies which are holding together really nicely. Small PT nymphs, Quasimodo’s and scruffy Hare and Coppers are still working very well, #14 and #16. Glo bugs will always take fish when there are plenty of trout in the river or the conditions suit but I have only had these on for the first hour of light before switching over to natural patterns once things have slowed.

River mouths will again fish well in the next week with some dark nights ahead of us. I took two fish from the Waitahanui rip two evenings ago which could be classed as average but there has been some ripper fish caught after dark this month. The darker the nights the better generally and you usually cant go wrong with big black patterns or lumo flies. Wading deep is not needed on these darker nights and many fish will come very close to the lake edge in search of dead Koura and Bullies so make your first casts are from the shore-especially in the mornings. There have not been many browns caught lately and the odd one you see will generally be spent and heading back to the lake for another year.

Work continues in the lower Tongariro removing rock and gravel for road fill so there has been no improvement to the scenery or the fishing in these areas. Machines continue to dirty water and send vibrations quite a way down the river bank which would be distracting to fish wanting to push through-who knows they may even turn around or spawn down low this year??

Tight lines


Andrew Christmas