Hi guys,

Well I know it has been a fair while since the last post but that just means we have plenty to report on and talk about. I also have purchased a brand new computer so we should not have too many problems making these reports a little more frequent for you. If you have not been on the rivers in the past week you really have missed out on some awesome fishing as the local rivers running into Taupo have been firing most days.

Most rivers went crazy with fish after the last good fresh that we received from the heavy rain and all rivers including the mighty Tongariro all gave up really great fish which the Taupo fishery can be proud of. Anglers have been catching good fresh run fish in the Hine, Waiotaka and the Tongariro and just today I found the top of the Waitahanui to be packed full of good browns once again which I think is quite late in the season.

I must admit I have been very lucky with regular clients and must thank you all for listening to my advice and making the time to get here and enjoy some of the best fishing that Taupo can offer. I have had good friend and amazing client Phil Norman from Brisbane, Mark from Melbourne, Ainsley from Auckland and beginner fly fisherman Paul an Lance from Wellington so a big thank you to all of you for keeping me busy over the last ten days. I have also managed to sneak out once or twice with my Dad and enjoy some early morning fishing before really starting the days jobs which is nice. I really should thank my Dad for the position I am in now as without him I sure I would not have discovered the sport of fly fishing or Lake Taupo and its surrounding areas which offer so many great activities.    

In my opinion the most consistent river has been the Hine followed by the Tongariro. Both these rivers have given me fish on every occasion that I have fished them and even when the fishing pressure has been busy I have managed to find a run which has not been touched by other hopeful fisherman. Some days have been just plain amazing with the higher water conditions on the Hine , this extra flow has dragged big numbers of fresh fish through the lower river and many anglers have scored some big numbers  here in the last week or so. The Tongariro has been average to good most days with silver fish scattered right through the river but not in good numbers. The fish that are being caught are good solid fish but they have been hard to catch in big numbers as they seem to be spreading out all over the place as they pass the main road bridge. I fished here with Phil on a few occasions over the three days we had together with the best fish being a small but amazing little brown which dragged line from the reel out of the upper Stag pool right to the tail of the lower Stag before being netted-as you can see a very silver well conditioned trout which I would have been proud of.

I also took a short walk up the TT with Phil but was not really impressed with the pools or the amount of trout which we saw which was Nil. I have totally gone of this water in the past couple of years and it may be another couple before I venture up there again. This river changes with every flood as do many others but I feel it never seems to get much better and the fish that do enter seem to rocket through to the headwaters before anglers get a good crack at them. If you like a good solid walk with lots of good scenery which is sure to make you sweat this would be a good one for you.

Im sure you have worked out that most of the guiding I have done has been on the Hine and it really has been simply the best river and a huge benefit to me this season. The Hine has received its fare share of devastation in recent floods but fish are still in obvious runs and there has even been some new water open up due to the heavy water levels. In the past couple of days the river has become low and clear and the runs have slowed with introduction of yet another full bright moon. I will now be concentrating on what is up river and hopefully there are a few which have not just run through to spawn. These fish are always starting to become dark and may not be the best to eat or kill for the smoker but they will provide good sport all the same. Generally I will expect this river to slow over the next few weeks and the larger rivers like the Tongariro or the TT to receive the bigger later runs which we are all waiting for.

All patterns from the largest of glo bugs assisted with plenty of split shot to the smallest natural patterns have worked on different days. Early in the week the water was coloured and glo bugs were used all day with good success but as the water cleared and the days became clearer and brighter I tried using small naturals like Green Caddis and Hare and Copper nymphs. The best advice is to stop in and see Matt at Rod’n Tackle and purchase a good selection as the range in different flies can be important on difficuilt days. If you are fishing the Hine with any real success you will be loosing plenty of flies so make sure you are well stocked for all events.

I have had a very rewarding few weeks and really enjoying guiding at the moment and with good bookings continuing to come in for next month hopefully we can report on some more great days. Really looking forward to the gang of men coming from Brisbane with Phil for four days this month there should be some good banter in all that and remember -I can be bribed $!!

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