Hi guys Taupo has been freezing over the past week with some mornings being well below -0 which can be hard on both the hands and the line freezing to the eyes of the rod. With most cold mornings the days have been very good with clear conditions and very light winds. Conditions have generally been good for both river and boat anglers. School holidays are here again and judging by my bookings over the next week there should be a few more anglers on the rivers and out on the lake. There is some horrible weather due in over the next few days so it will be interesting to see who makes the most of the perfect opportunity to catch a winter trout. I guided nearly every day last week and had some really enjoyable fishing from the smaller rivers that run into Taupo.

The Hine was the standout river which was good for most clients but the Waiotaka was also very good at times. The Tongariro disappointed many anglers last week with only a handful of good fish caught from a large group of fisherman. The Tongariro must be hard due to the fact that they are still taking gravel and sand from the lower river resulting in muddy waters and  plenty of noise from diggers driving through the river to get at stone beds(spawning beds?). How this has happened I really don’t know? It has me stumped how they can be doing this sort of work right in the middle of spawning runs and not in the summer when it would’nt matter? If the fish don’t come up the river because of this work and disturbance we will miss out on a entire years of spawning which will again have a negative effect on the fishery. The saddest bit being they plan to do this every year for the next 30 years!!! I can see many of you shaking your heads in dis belief as this is the world famous Tongariro river which is the main spawning river for Lake Taupo !! Anyway on a more positive note Derrick spent two days with me fishing local rivers and had an absolute cracking time hooking well over 20 fish and securing some good eaters to take back home with him. The secret was to start fairly early and keep moving till we found the trout using a variety of different glo bugs, naturals and weighted nymphs. Starting early was important on most mornings as we were quite often hooked into fish on the first few casts in any given pool or run. Anglers were turning up by 8am but we had already taken the easy ones from the best pools by this stage. It was not uncommon to hook 4 or 5 fish in a good run which usually resulted with 2 or 3 of them landed. They were a pretty good bunch of trout which were in the river mid week with most of them being about 3lb and in condition with silver flanks and solid shoulders. I must admit they are being hard to keep in touch with so they must be ripping through the river very quickly at the moment and getting high out of harms way. I also fished over the weekend with two different guys who booked half day trips but unfortunatley the same luck could not continue. On Saturday we fished from 1pm and found the going very tough with all pools flogged to death and any fish we did see was very spooky and shy of casting or even shadows over the water-we got skunked!! Sunday I was able to get an early start and got through the water I wanted first which resulted in 4 or 5 fish so as you can see sometimes it does help to start early to get those first lines through the pools especially when there are a few good anglers getting about. There is a fairly full moon starting to appear so if you believe in all that things may get a little harder over the next few days until a new moon starts. I do believe the moon has a big impact on river mouth fishing as some of my best fishing has been done on the darkest of nights but I think once fish are in the river they can be caught regardless. River mouths may have slightly changed over the past week with the strong westerly wind which pounded the shores of Taupo this would have moved some of the loose gravel around and could have changed the depth of drop offs etc. Good reports continue to come in on the Waimarino mouth after dark so if you are down that way  it will be worth pulling the neoprenes on and throwing that Lumo around. Happy days Andy