Hi again,

This new computer is great and it is making staying in touch with you much easier than struggling around before. The weekend just gone fished very well with the Tongariro being a standout river for me and the clients I had on Saturday. All rivers had fish in them and I heard of anglers pulling fish from a very low Hine and a very clear but productive Waitahanui. Im very happy with how the winter has and is panning out and I believe most anglers are ejoying some improved fishing compared to recent seasons. I think most anglers agree there is no more fish about than any other season but many of what is being caught is good enough to be killed for an eating fish if one wants that. A good eating fish generally means its also been a hard fighting sport fish with solid shoulders and thick flanks so its nice to see the positive turn around.  

Saturday was such an amazing morning to be on the river with clear sunny conditions with literally no wind at all. I picked Murry and Russell up at 7 30 in Turangi and headed to the upper section of the Tongariro in pursuit of some water which had not been worked over and hopefully was holding some fish. Murry wasted no time with a solid hook up which produced a silver solid hen which slammed the swinging Woolly Bugger fished on a fast sink line. We both agreed the feeling of having the line ripped from your fingers as a trout turns on your fly in fast water is like no other and is a pleasurable method to fish. Russell was still mucking around on the bank by the time this fish was beached on the silty bank but wasted no time in jumping into the tail of the pool with the nymphing rig fishing a favourite Green Caddis pattern of mine.

Trout were holding up in this water quite well and it was not long and Russell also was playing a lively silver fish which had grabbed the Caddis on the swing as he was feeding the slack down river getting ready to cast! Through out the morning the boys switched around with the wetline and nymph set up both taking a couple more fish ending up with 5 for the morning from the same piece of river. There was no real need to race about the river finding new water as I’m sure there were more trout there which would have given themselves up eventually by resting the water or changing patterns etc. With other anglers approaching by 11am it was a good time to pull stumps and retreat for an early cup of tea with two well impressed wife’s which couldn’t believe that the men actually caught dinner!!  I took the opportunity of an early finish to stop in and see Ross at TRM and touch base with other keen fisherman which had also had a bit of luck on the big river. Most had killed a fish or atleast hooked one or two for their efforts and the attitude from everyone has been positive which is just nice to hear! I don’t think fly fisherman want to catch bags of trout every time they go out and those who do don’t last in the sport very long but I think we do like to catch a fish of beauty and one that we are proud to show and talk about which is a feeling many anglers are enjoying at the moment.

Despite a fairly bright full moon fish have moved during the night into the lower sections of most rivers. River mouth fishing has slowed and some nights have been pretty useless but with the moon shrinking by the night those of you that rather the cover of darkness should start to get more hook ups as fish move more often with more confidence. I don’t do a lot of fishing at night as I get plenty of tangles in day light let alone in complete darkness but I must admit some of the biggest fish get caught at the mouths at night and I can see the attraction for some.

There are still some large browns in the Waitahanui but they will be very wary of fisherman by now as they generally sit in the open and their size gives them away quickly.These fish really are hard to catch and I think are most active in the dead of night but just occasionally a lucky fisherman can annoy one enough to get a reaction from. I have over the years caught these trout by changing my fly a thousand times and just keep running it past them till they take out of anger, quite often jack fish will take this attitude.

I have a few days at home early this week to restock the fly box and dry the waders before starting a 5 day guide at the end of the week with a couple of young English guys so no doubt I will be covering some miles and have something more to report soon-stay in touch