Hi guys,

There have been a number of you emailing and ringing over the last few days asking about the rivers of Taupo and how they are performing after the eruption which has had far to much media over the last couple of days. Thank you for all your concerns but seriously I have hardly seen a cloud in the sky let alone a fierce ash cloud and tumbling boulders spewing from the craters. Fish were caught in the Tongariro on the day of the eruption and plenty of trout were caught this morning so I suppose all is well despite the river being slightly up. We have some ugly rain weather on the way for a few days which should be perfect for the spawning fish and if there are any fish on the river mouths they should be encouraged to run with the dropping barometer.

I went for a walk yesterday with Saskia up the Waitahanui and had good fun casting at many browns which are hanging in many of the pools both in the middle and upper river. This was Saskia’s first time on the river with a fly rod and as you can see from the pics I might have finally found one which likes fishing. Sooo good to see a lovely looking lady in sexy waders , simms hat and simms jacket and still remembering to keep up the eye shadow and lip gloss.  OK..Saskia did have a little help with casting and landing these brownies but she certainly had quite the smile on her face for quite some time after getting her hands dirty. These fish are nearly all in here spawning currently and it can be very hard to get a hook up from these coloured up and quite tired trout. It really is very nice to see some trout in the river and watch what they do and how they do it, I really don’t have to catch a  trout to have a good day with these guys about its nice just to see them. Unfortunately any small well conditioned trout I bring home now will look quite small to Saskia now she has landed a large brown like this. All browns should really be getting released to spawn at the moment and you can rest assured these guys went home unharmed.

The fishery seems to be in very good order with many of the concerns we have had in the past couple of years ironed out and on the home straight to repairing itself. We are so very lucky to sustain the wild aspect of the fishery which is still so important to many local and international anglers something which is fast becoming hard to find in the world. Hopefully DOC have decided not to introduce hatchery trout in any form to the Taupo fishery as it has been improving so well but I have a funny feeling the fight might be lost on this topic and our wild factor may be lost. Stay tuned!!

I am out guiding for the next 5 days and should get a real good idea of what is about in the rivers so should have some pics and stories to tell early next week. Any of you with doubts about the fishery because of the eruption please don’t let it put you of as in my mind the fishing is fine and the fishing should be very good after the rain we are about to receive.

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