Sad week,

Fishing has been very good in Taupo over the last couple of weeks and indeed the past winter season with good runs of well conditioned fish. Fish are turning up when they are supposed to and are holding in water which anglers can get at them. It looked like the fishery had maybe fixed itself?

You may remember DOC were working up a plan to restore the Tongariro runs by fiddling with mother nature and introducing a new strain of trout by stocking them. I can report today that they have gone ahead and stocked the Tongariro , Lake Taupo , Tauranga Taupo and Lake O with fingerling’s. I saw trucks dumping trout into the Blue Pool today which has now taken our world famous fishery with the wild status to just another stocked fishing hole. What I don’t get is how releasing fish into the Tauranga Taupo and Lake O is going to help restore the winter spawning runs into the Tongariro -this is clearly just stocking!!!! The weirdest bit about all of this is how secret they have kept about what they are doing and when they were doing it. Doc are even unsure when and if  they will give a press release to inform that this has been done. Fingerling’s were clipped and actually dyed so in the future you lucky anglers can identify a real fish from a fake one when caught. For many of you it will be a case of what trout to release and what one to throw up the bank unfortunately. Hopefully there is a few big browns in the lower Tongariro in need of a good feed which might benefit in cleaning up these unwanted intruders. It all seems to me this is just another mad scientist playing games with something which was so perfect. Not sure what else to say right now.