Hi guys,

Well I expect you are all pretty confused with the different websites saying the fishery is fantastic and then the next saying the fishing is hard and the rivers are have no fish in them. Well I can assure you the fishing has been as good as ever and the trout are stacked up in most rivers I have been on the last few days. When I say stacked up this means fish scattered throughout them ranging from fresh silver bullets to spawning fish in the upper sections . I have been out with clients over the last 4 days and hooked over 80 fish with these guys so the rivers are in good form.

Fishing pressure was starting to build on the Tongariro Friday afternoon with weekend anglers turning up despite the scare of the mountain blowing its top again. The eruption has had no effect on the fishing in this catchment and if anything it has made it better somehow. Friday was such an amazing day to be on the river and my clients were asking for sun cream at lunchtime. We fished the upper river again and only caught silver bullets all which were about 2-3 lb and in perfect condition. The anglers we did see seemed to be enjoying the fishery and most guys were hooking into trout especially when moving around changing their rigs to suit the new water. Anglers which have an open mind and like to see different water in the same day will always catch trout, those who fish the car park pool and insist on keeping with a glo bug and two split shot might not experience the same success.

Lately it has all been on the natural patterns especially when conditions are clear which they have been lately. If you are unsure what to use get into Taupo Rod’n Tackle and check out his range of home tied naturals which are doing very well this season. The Tongariro is in very good order at the moment with lovely clean rocks and slightly high water conditions which will be productive in this next coming week.

Speaking of the upper Tongariro it was disappointing to see this week the introduction of fingerling trout being released into the river in hope of restoring the natural winter spawning runs which have failed to come through over the past few seasons. These trout were released by Doc into the Blue Pool and in various other locations over the past week without even letting the general public know. Luckily fisherman are an observant and talkative bunch and have good relationships with a few insiders which have explained what has happened  so we can report to you. Our wild fishery is now no longer which is a very sad thing to lose as we had such a special thing compared to the rest of the world, it was something I was proud of.

Hopefully these fish will have a rough time heading down the river and get gobbled by our protected shags and problem brown trout and wont have a chance to reproduce in our Lake. If you believe the figures from Doc on how many juvenile trout get eaten per day by our huge hungry brown trout the small number released should be cleaned up in a couple of days again being another waste of time and money by the department. These guys really are clutching at straws with this one and is just another last ditched effort from a scientist which is answerable to no one and has to be seen to do be doing something for his crazy pay packet.

Most of the fishing this week has been done on the Hine and it really has been very good with different grades of trout in  most pools. The lower river most mornings have had good small runs of fresh fish despite being low and clear. Sometimes you don’t need rain and wind for fish to move in especially heading into the tail end of winter. The middle river has had spawning fish and recovering fish with some very good jacks parked up in some pools holding their positions in hope that a  group of hens enter. The Cliff pool at the winter fishing limit has been productive with some very dark and skinny fish which are snapping at most kind of nymphs passing in front of them. These are ok for sport or practice but not much good as table fish as they have put alot of conditioning into their yearly spawning and flesh will be poor. In fact most anglers are just out for a few good hours of sport and don’t need to kill a fish to be successful , I have not killed a trout this week with any clients.

With plenty of rain coming down in the last 24hrs I am looking forward to the next three days of guiding which should see some new fish into most rivers. I always get excited with this much rain and having clients booked in as I know they are going to have a great time and I wont have to work too hard to give them a memorable experience. I will be fishing local in the next couple of days so try and get out and join me and experience what will be some of the best of winter .

See you soon