Hi guys,

Well what a week we have had here again in Taupo the fishing has just be insane with all anglers reporting catches of magnificent trout. The fish at this time of year are usually pretty good and I suppose you could say it could be at its best. The fishery is in its best condition it has been for some years now, obviously a natural progression in the right direction. Every fishery goes through it’s hard periods and we sure have seen ours but the turn around that our trout have done by themselves certainly have excited anglers.

We have some exciting great news to report this week on different rivers but the best being the huge Rainbow trout which weighed over 12lb caught in the straight and the Waitahanui with a wet line. We know these fish are in the lake and there is surely more than one but it’s just being in the right place at the right time and taking your chance when it arrives. The condition of this fish was second to none and is by far the largest trout that I have actually being able to pick up and touch it truly was a horse!! I would have loved to know what was in the stomach of this fish -maybe fluorescent juvenile rainbow trout?? The fish as been sent over to Bruce Abraham to be mounted which is just what it deserves. Hopefully one day I will get an opportunity to nail one of these trout, I bet the angler is just on cloud 9 right now.

I have been guiding the last couple of days and again enjoyed some awesome company with return clients which is always great. Again the English boys booked yet another day so we tried something slightly different and went to the Tongariro instead of the Hine. These guys are amazing young men which are really fun to spend time with and man they can fish. I think they have been here for about two weeks now and really have given that Hine some pressure catching fish every day after spending two days there with me. The Tongariro never let us down and we were into fish in the first pool scoring about ten fish for the day. When you can cast and mend as well as these guys can all you need to do is put the time in and keep moving and the fish will end up on the hook. I have had a really good two weeks on the water and I don’t think I have laughed so much with any other clients which has made my job a total pleasure. Unfortunately these young men are heading home today to start their first jobs in their chosen careers and we wish them all the best and hope to see them again soon with their hard earned pounds. In saying that on the way home they are stopping in Thailand and then heading to Scottland to Will’s family property which has a salmon river running through it where they will spend a week fishing for spring salmon, alright for some eh.

Last week I spent a day rafting the upper Tongariro with Luke from NZ river Rafting and tried to do a little bit of homework for the opening day of the upper river. It was really good to see all the pools have not changed too much with recent floods and the trout are stacked up in most pools which is awesome to see. Last year we had a thin year up the top and most fish had left the upper reaches by the end of December but there is certainly alot more trout up high this season. Obviously the best runs have not yet arrived in the Tongariro just yet  and the majority of these fish will get to the upper pools for spawning so lets hope they hang about and give fisherman a good couple of months of raft fishing. If you have not seen the upper river or fished that section of the Tongariro you certainly need to put it on the bucket list and get it done. The scenery is out of this world and the fishing can be as good as anything else in NZ and with the numbers I have seen stacking up in the pools so far this will be a good opening day come 1st December. I am taking bookings right now!!! If you are interested please get in contact asap so we can get you as close to that magic date as possible.

Yesterday I spent the day on the Tongariro with return client and good friend Mike Gibb pictured in the top two pictures of this blog with two lovely jacks. Saturday was a stunning day in which we got an early start and managed to be first on the river making the most of the quiet, misty and still winter mornings which most fisherman dream about. I had guided the same water on Friday and it was productive but very busy so I wanted to get through the main lies quickly but to my surprise we did not see any angler anywhere till 1pm??? I suppose most anglers must have started their day low in the river or fished some of the smaller rivers towards Taupo. The first fish of the day was a cracker and typical of the fish which anglers are tangling with in the improved Tongariro. The fish in the top picture was just under 6lb and fought like a beast, it’s so nice to see these fish coming through the system on a regular basis. Mike is a very advanced angler and caught plenty of large fish before as most of his fishing has been done in the Rotorua lakes and rivers. He is no stranger to huge fish and I believe he has three monsters line the walls of his man cave with the largest being 16.5 lb!!!!! Again another easy day was had from a  guiding point of view as Mike picked fish from most runs and pools with his flawless casts and great mending skills. I fished naturals all day and have not tried the winter glo bug but I have no doubts that it would work just fine in the first hour of the morning. Water levels are perfect currently for wet lining and I bet some nice fish could be taken behind nymphers by swinging a Wooly Bugger through water that they cant get at. All in all our fishing at the minute is perfect and the Tongariro I would expect will only get better as the weeks go on. I expect the Hine and other smaller rivers will slowly become quieter with fresh running fish as they are generally the rivers to get the first runs through followed by the late running Tonagriro fish.

We are expecting rain for a few days and it may be worth basing your next trip around the rise and fall of the rivers as this should push another run into the lower river.  Hope you can make it!!