Hi again,

Fishing in the Taupo region has continued to be really good and it seems most anglers are starting to make a move to cash in on some of the best winter fishing we have seen for some years now. All rivers have received good runs of trout most nights and can be caught throughout the river whilst fishing simple winter rigs. I have been lucky enough to guide the last couple of days but have had my best fishing at first light through till lunch time before the crowds get through the pools. Resting pools between fishing can make all the difference and at the moment it seems one steps out and another steps in not really letting those fish cruise into the pool or settle down. If you want the best fishing think out the square and keep moving sometimes  a small walk or deep crossing to get at different water can make all the difference.

Hine, Hine, Hine well when will this water stop producing so many fish!!?? Guiding here for me has been very good and it again came up with some wonderful trout over the past two days for the girls Emily and Cassandra from the US and Mike from Cambridge. Fish can be a very mixed bag at the moment depending on what water you are fishing but generally fish are in very good condition and some fine eating fish are available from here. I have kept one trout from maybe 15 over the past couple of days and don’t see that as taking too many or threatening the spawning process in here. With high angling pressure anglers do have to keep in mind how many and at what quality the fish they are keeping are at, as 3 fish per day per angler over the entire Taupo fishery soon adds up.

As you can see from the smiles of the girls we had a great day out with some stunning weather which provided some great memories for them to go home with. At total beginners it took quite some time to get them spearing nymphs under banks and trees but once they had that first fish in the net after loosing 4 they were unstoppable!. Shriek’s, screaming and squealing could be heard for miles up the river from these two which was a sign they were having a ball being out of their comfort zone and very different from the massages they were getting at the lodge the day before. These two were really great company and easy to please I think they were happy just playing around in the water with waders on!

There should be some good fishing on most rivers over the weekend but I would be trying to hit your favourite river early as they are sure to be getting some pressure . I have another full day tomorrow with some chaps from the South Island so will report back on results after the weekend. Have fun!!