Hi guys,

This week I have had mixed calls from various good anglers which have been trying different rivers. Some have done very well but some have struggled in places I thought may have been very easy. Fish continue to run the rivers despite the bright nearly full moon and the lower pools in most rivers are giving up some very solid trout which are pleasing anglers that venture out. The Tongariro has been very good one day and quiet the next so my advice on this one is to try a variety of small patterns and keep moving till you hit trout. The other biggy is to try and escape the anglers which are hanging about in most town pools at the minute. The Hine has slightly slowed with fresh silver bullets but the runs have been so solid that the middle river is still producing some very good numbers of trout for most. A very short blog today guys as I have the next four days booked with Phil Norman again so better get things squared away and ready. Thank You to William and Ed from London on the kind testimonial recently received.

William Newton and Ed Shryne – London

After booking our flights to New Zealand earlier this month Ed and I knew exactly who to contact with regard to fishing in the Taupo region of New Zealand from our previous experiences 4 years ago. The following day, after landing in Auckland, we were on the Hinemiaia at 7am with Andrew. His enthusiasm and passion for the sport had not changed in the slightest since we were last here, even though he had aged by four years! Andrew is always assessing the next tactics and his mind never falters from the task in hand. As a consequence, we caught 15 incredible fish on our first day, 16 on our second day and 10 on our last days guiding. Andrew takes an enormous amount of pride when he lands a fish for a client and for that we are extremely appreciative of his keenness of “A fish on situation moment!”
Besides the fishing his sense of humour and personality is a pleasure to be around and thus has given us many happy memories to treasure and an enormous amount of laughs were exchanged during our 3 days guiding with Andrew. Essentially, this trip to Taupo was a last holiday before we start our graduate schemes with property firms back in the UK having just graduated from University in July. During our two week vacation we were primarily fishing the rivers running into Taupo, as a result we caught just short of 60 fish on four of the different rivers between the two of us and without doubt this success would not have been achievable without the support and generosity that Andrew gave to us throughout our trip. Undoubtedly the fishing in New Zealand is far superior to any fishing that can be obtained within the UK and therefore we were prepared to travel 18,331 kilometres to fish the spectacle New Zealand has to offer. Andrew, we will be back very shortly and thank you ever so much once again for a truly memorable two weeks. No holiday on earth can ever match the delights and excitements that New Zealand fishing has to give.