Hi guys,

Well I said yesterday was my last post for a week or so but something quite different happened to me late yesterday afternoon and I could’nt wait to show you all. I spent the day working in Taupo Rod’n Tackle and watched the strong westerly pounding the lake front and wished that I could get out and feel the drizzle and wind on my back. Luckily Matt said I could shut up early which would allow at least an hour on a local river before it was to dark so I headed for the ever reliable Hine. There’s nothing better to wake you up and make you appreciate things than to be standing in the harsh wind and bleak rain , it makes me feel alive anyway!! I really just wanted to catch some fresh air it really was’nt about catching fish so I picked up Saskia and the dog and went for a quick explore.

The river looked perfect after all the rain we had received in the last 24hrs but I was disappointed not to hook a fish from any of my favourite pools up river despite changing weight and egg patterns to suit the slightly coloured water. After half an hour of trying I knew time was getting away and I had to choose one last pool before it got too dark to nymph so I gathered the troops and rushed of down to river to an empty car park.   Thank God I did as the indicator shot sideways on the first cast which produced an explosive fight from a very fresh solid hen which I killed for dinner. The next five casts produced two more hook ups from silver hard fighting fish which disappeared down the fast water and never to be seen again. The escape methods of these trout had Saskia in laughter as she watched me curse the gods and check all my gear which was still intact I might add. The next throw was one which I will remember for quite sometime as this cast produced my largest ever Rainbow Trout. The strike was no different to any other but the steady pull and hard head shakes told me it was a jack fish of reasonable size until it broke the surface where I could actually see how large it was. I am usually the type of angler which enjoys the landing of trout and does not mind loosing them but I can tell you I was shaking like a leaf with a thousand scenarios going through my head on what should be my next move. Saskia was on the opposite bank shouting”don’t loose him babe” (thanks babe”) and “do you want me to net it?” nah I will be right thanks just stay well away from me. lol. I knew I couldn’t let this fish below me but with the tail of the pool very close  I had to play him slightly harder and take my chance with the net if I was granted one. The fish showed all of his beauty when he again jumped in the head of the pool creating a huge splash which I have seen from no other it was then I knew I had a serious trout attached. I knuckled down for the fight and took my time slowly making my way to the head of the pool where I had hooked him whilst trying to keep him and his rudder away from the faster current which I knew I could loose him in just like his girls. I was stuck, I had the fish fairly tired and my wrist was aching but every time I inched the trout close to the net he would flick the tail and make a metre on me. My leader was too long and my arms too short!!! There was only on thing to do and that was to pull my sliding indicator into through the eyes of the rod and hope like god he didn’t go for another solid run, I don’t know how many times I have yelled at clients for doing exactly that. Anyways as you can see things worked out for the best for me and I had this lovely fish thrashing around in the bottom of my net, you could seriously not wipe the smile from my face!!  Who would have thought that an afternoon walk with my girl and my dog could quite turn out like that. Hopefully fish of this quality turning up on a regular basis lets the fishery managers know that it’s just fine. I’m one very happy angler, this week should continue to be very good with the westerly wind still coming in.

Tight lines