Hi guys,

As expected the weather bomb hit most of our country pretty hard and many of us were caught out in the elements having to accept it for what it was. I was lucky enough to have a guiding job on Saturday with Phil and Glenn from Auckland but we bailed out at 1pm after standing in pouring rain for 6 hours. It was not cold weather and was bearable but by 1pm every bit of all our bodies were wet and crying out for a hot cupper and shower so we decided to call it a half day and book another at a later date. The decision to call it a day was made easy with over 20 fish hooked from one special little run we had found in the lower river. All trout were taken fishing a shallow pocket in fast water and they all grabbed the glo bug!!

The Tongariro spiked very quickly with all the rain and a little help with a release I would say and was soon running at 245 cumecs which finished fishing for the weekend and no doubt moved alot of smaller and older fish back towards the lake. Prior to the flood the fishing was red hot in the Tongariro so hopefully the rise in the river has encouraged more silver bullets to move in and replace what has moved on or back. The fishing in the next few days should be very good with the river slightly high, coloured and overcast drizzly days. No doubt there are fish travelling as we speak and I feel sure that good numbers of these trout will be intercepted by Glo Bugs and Wooly Buggers.

I quickly went for a flick with Paul from Tairua this morning and managed a few fish from the braids area but to my surprise not many were fresh and plenty of older fish were evident in this area. After the flood I thought we might have seen some freshies but maybe we were just one day to early. The river looks in perfect condition and many rocks have been turned over and the slime washed free there should also be ample amount of dislodged nymph life racing around the river which fill hungry trout. There’s the hint-use a natural such as a Quasimodo or PT flash back nymph for best results!!

I have just been down to the Hine and had a look at the river and it looks very fishy indeed. I’m not sure how much longer fresh fish will move into here as we have seen an outstanding performance from this river already but it sure looks perfect. Prior to the high waters which most of taupo received this river had plenty of recovering and spent fish in it so I would assume the extra flows may have helped a good portion of these back to the lake. Summer fishing can be very productive in here and any fish left and surviving will entertain anglers with surface activity feeding on Mayfly, Caddis and Cicada’s.

There are so many fishing options at the moment it’s really hard to make a decision, just be careful with the weather and choose what suits you best!!

Best of luck!