The long weekend is here again but so is the wet weather which really has not shifted for the past three weeks. Saturday is supposed to be terrible once again with lots of rain and high winds which should keep most anglers inside for the majority of the day. I will be braving the elements again and have full day bookings for Saturday and Sunday so will be rugging both myself and clients up whilst trying to find some quiet water somewhere. Currently the lake front looks like the sea and there is actually some guys trying to surf it, think I will stay in the comfort of the warmth of Taupo Rod’n Tackle for now.

Local rivers have produced fish all week and with the ugly conditions which we are receiving the trout actually find pleasant to move in so those brave hearts which are fishing and doing fairly well. The TT looked awesome all week but I have heard no reports from there. The Tongariro has been very consistent ever since last weeks flash flood and the dark nights and wind have enabled them to move quickly and freely which is great for the spawning of our fishery. The anglers which I have spoken to have caught most fish in the lower river fishing glo bugs in the faster water especially places such as the Reed and Bain pool areas -always popular areas so be early and remember to move through.

I have once again been able to fish with Belinda this week as the weather has been so crappy so we used her boat on Rotoaira one day and I took her to a piece of my favourite back country water the next. The lake dealt us a hard day and gave us a  nightmare with plenty of wind and uncontrollable drifts which resulted in fewer fish than past sessions there. I think we managed 10 or so fish but fishing was described as hard and patchy and a little smaller than usual.

The next day was still overcast and slightly rainy but we managed to suck a decent day from a week which really most anglers just wrote off. In the back of my mind I was worried that the river may be slightly high but with plenty of excitement of going we made an early start loaded with coffee and were on the river by 8am. The river was slightly high and a wee bit coloured but nothing to really worry about, as you can see we had an amazing day one of the best I have had myself for years.

I love fishing the backcountry waters close to Taupo and I was very surprised that my secret little river had not had any anglers on it this season. We saw no foot prints and the only sign of life was from a goat mob and a few deer tracks where they had come down for a drink. Fish were stacked up in most pools and runs with a good mix of browns and rainbows varying between 2-6lb which was just a dream for any fly fisher.

Belinda knocked them dead with her dry fly nymph rig while I kept up pulling fish from deeper water with the traditional NZ style of nymphing two flies. Most fish had recovered the winter very well and were well into recovering with the browns already being back to very good condition due to slightly different spawning habits and times. The fishing was very good for this water and we landed about 14 fish and lost some others which is really good going for the beat that usually produces good fish but not big numbers. I would have to put the early season success down to low or in the case no pressure and can only think the terrible start to the season weather wise is why anglers have not been exploring as yet. This beat we fished I have not seen anglers on in the past before but I’m sure with google maps they could work it out just as  I did all those years ago while in search for new water.

I must admit fishing with Belinda is really good for me as her styles and knowledge of methods and rivers can be at times very different to mine and I am fast becoming a better angler for it. Between us we were able to look at a piece of water and decide how one would it approach it and what method or set up will get down to the fish to entice a take, bit like guiding each-other. We also got some really photo’s which will be slowly released between the website and articles in NZ TROUT FISHER over the next few issues.

If anyone has enquiries about backcountry fishing and wants to explore similar water in the next few weeks please make contact and hopefully between bad weather we can find a river somewhere.

Be lucky