Hey guys,

Another long weekend has just passed and I hope all those who ventured out and braved the far from ideal conditions over the weekend have adjusted back to work well. Saturday was by far the busiest day on most rivers and for us the most productive by a long shot. I was guiding Mike Forret from Hamilton for the two days and we managed good numbers of fish on the Saturday but only managed about half the amount on Sunday which was weird as Sunday produced better conditions and fewer anglers.

Mike and I started our day in the lower river and found some very fresh fish which were in really nice condition which were only too willing to grab the glo bug. There are a few easy positions in the lower river currently which generally produce fish most mornings, the only hard bit is getting there before the next bloke. We soon ventured up river and enjoyed equally good fishing in the upper river around the Boulder pool area switching to small natural patterns fished on a longer leader and slightly lighter gear. Even fish up this high were still in very good condition and very silver with plenty of fight so it seems the trout are really moving through very fast at the moment. I must raft the upper section again and see what has eneded up there and what’s left since the last flood. I bet it is still loaded.

Sunday was almost the perfect conditions for fishing and with fewer anglers around the river I thought we were going to do fairly well but we actually found them hard going and in less condition than the group we had enjoyed just the day before. I suppose the group we fished for on Saturday went through overnight and they weren’t supported by another run the following night. That’s fishing I suppose. Mike went home happy with over 20 fish hooked in the two days and three carefully selected for eating to take back to Hamilton.

The next few days are promising nice weather with no wind so hopefully fishing conditions will improve for those who are lucky enough to have the week away fishing. I will be out on the river in the morning with anglers Ed and Bruce from the USA and hope that the wet weather today will encourage a few through for them in the morning.

Anglers who enjoy the TT will get some good fishing in the next few days as it has been high and dirty for a few days now and should be coming down as I write this blog. There has been some stunning fish coming out of here this season but it does pay to know the river as they have quite a few hidey holes with plenty of fly grabbing obstacles, not a river for me! The Hine will also be worth a look and after speaking with some anglers which fished in here on Saturday and done ok I think it would also be worth a look with especially with slightly higher conditions. I really enjoy the upper reaches of this river going into summer and as long as we don’t get too much water down it there should be some fish for anglers to target on the dry in the evenings very shortly.

Below is a You Tube video we posted a week or so ago which involves wilderness fishing with the raft. The day was wet and soggy which made filming almost impossible and high coloured water made fishing pretty hard going but we managed to salvage something for the day. As you can see from the scenery this place in good weather just looks amazing and the trout can be located easier. Raft fishing is a great way to cover water and explore new areas so let me know if you have something in mind.

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