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The weather over the past few days has been perfect with sunny periods and clam conditions. The temperatures have been creeping up everyday which will be doing the insect life well and indeed we should start to see more surface activity very soon. Generally the action will be short and spasmodic late in the evenings but as the days grow longer and conditions heat up we should enjoy summer dry fly once again through out the day. The arrival of May fly hatches and Cicada eruptions excite most of us and can be enjoyed on all Taupo rivers and many close by backcountry rivers.

I have not done a huge amount of work over the last week but did spend a day on the Hine with Bruce and Ian from the USA. I was very surprised to be the only vehicle on the upper section all day and my two anglers were the only fisherman on the river which was just perfect. The river is just full of trout which are either recovering or spent from spawning. These guys landed 10 or 15 trout none of which were silver and they would have been bad for eating but the sport they produced was second to none and these guys had a great day. Everyone seems to have different opinions about whats a good trout and whats  a bad trout but after many hard days and years of fishing any fish is  a good one for me especially when guiding. The great thing about fishing these recovering trout is that most of them don’t spook easily and they nearly are all very hungry trying to pile on the condition and get the energy to swim back to the lake for another summer of eating and cruising calm waters.

I don’t think the Hine will see anymore silver fresh running fish now but anglers will still have some of the areas best fishing in here over the summer months. This river in my opinion has been fantastic this winter and I have had some amazing trout from here compared to last year. There still some quite big fish recovering in the river at the moment and some of the jacks look beautiful with dark spots and rainbow colours flared for spawning. Spent fish may look tired but some of the fights and aerial displays we are getting are first class and worthy of catching in most anglers books, this will be a river to test your skills and get the confidence up on this summer.

I have my Dad here again at the moment and he has been fishing all week on the local rivers including the Tongariro. The Tongariro has been solid all week with fish moving in most days filling up the town pools before thinning out into the upper river. The lower river has produced big numbers of silver fish and the middle reaches are supplying anglers with silver bullets and the odd returning trout which is typical of this time of year. I have had my eyes peeled for a Brown trout after the last high water but have not been able to locate one as yet in the likely looking pools but feel sure they are very close to turning up. I would say the very low reaches will have a few tucked up under the banks and hiding in the willows waiting for support from a few more and the next flow of discoloured water. Dad had a great day by his standards hooking into over 20 fish on Tuesday using natural patterns with his favourite being the Hairy Prince!! Angling pressure has been fairly light on during the week and most anglers which can be mobile on the river have been able to fish new water all day which has of course produced trout. The Tongariro is also having a really good year and we can expect the same or similar results for the next couple of months with later running fish being highly targeted by new age anglers.

I experienced the first flat day for the season on Lake O on Friday which produced some good fish from certain weed bed clusters. I fished with Dad again all day and actually ended up with slightly sun burnt face instead of wind burn which was different. Lake O was fairly busy on Friday with anglers which were practicing for the annual pairs comp which was held over the weekend on Rotoaira. I don’t think it actually  matters how many boats or anglers are on  the lake but think it’s more important to be achieving good drifts and targeting the right areas with the right methods. We actually landed a silver young hen which may have been 6lb and really looked ahead of her time for this stage of the season which was fantastic to see. Being a young fish which is obviously putting on weight quickly we snapped a few pics and sent her on her way as these are the fish that will soon achieve the magic trophy mark over the next year or two. Unfortunately I did see a boat which was anchored up in one of the deep holes using a fast sink line and a glo bug catch an equally good fish which he treated awfully before hitting it on the head and threw it on the bottom of the boat in the sun. It gets me wound up to see great fish treated like this and I bet these will be the anglers in the future moaning that there are no big fish left in the fishery-would you throw a steak in the bottom of the boat on a sunny day to go rotten?? Nymphing small blood worm and snail patterns were doing the damage for us but stripping wet flies was also productive as I saw a few boats hooked up whilst using this method.

The moon will be very close to being full over the next few nights and this should slightly slow the run of moving fish into the rivers until the dark nights return. I’m still unsure if I believe in all this night time stuff but I must admit it does make sense and add up from time to time. Last evening was just perfect on the lake so we quickly through the boat in to try some early summer Harling as it can be a nice way to have a brew and catch up while still having the fly in the water. Things are still fairly quiet on the surface but we did get two strikes and landed two good silver fish in the 20 foot mark just before dark. The water temp at 3 mile bay is at 13.5 degrees and Harling will only get better going into summer months as fish hit the surface in search of smelt in the early morning and late evenings. I am very slack with changing flies and trying new things with boat fishing but we caught those two on a Parson’s Glory and a Yellow Lady.

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