Hi guys,

Great night on TV tonight with Coronation Street, Mrs Browns Boys and Kath and Kim but we can squeeze a quick report in for you fisherman to try and fill you in on whats been doing. I have generally been backcountry towards National Park way for the most of the week but managed to guide locally this morning with mixed results. The local rivers have been very low for quite sometime and with no rain the trout have become spooky and harder to catch. We fished the Hine this morning and we only managed 3 average fish and a few dinks which I think is typical of this water for the next few weeks. There were some massive Mayfly hatches coming to the surface in the early morning sun and the smaller fish could be seen splashing about on the top which is encouraging.

The Tongariro today has been up and down like a YoYo after the truck crashed into a near by stream causing all sorts of media confusion. Before this occurrence there seemed to be plenty of trout in the river but most were fairly old and recovering trout which were hungry for the fly. There has been the odd good fish caught over the last week but they had been few and far between in random areas, a good rain will push up some more late spawners I hope. If we are lucky the rise in the river today will act as a false flood and may encourage a few fish in overnight but I doubt it. The past two nights have seen huge evening rises on the river and most slow pools have been bubbling with life exciting the dry fly fisherman. Usually these hatches consist of Caddis and very big Mayfly , when the fish are on these critters there are some very simple patterns in which they should grab aggressively. I love fishing a Goddards Caddis at last light while skating it across the tail of the pool.

The backcountry rivers are in stunning condition and there are some really amazing fish sitting in all the right places with the low river conditions. The dry fly is still not on the go just yet but last thing on rivers such as the Whanganui has been very good. I love fishing backcountry water while the levels are low as the fish are feeding and are laying where they are supposed to be which makes my day so much easier and more predictable. Fish have put on some serious condition over the past couple of months since spawning and will continue to do well while the water keeps warming up and insect life comes alive. I have plenty of options up my sleeve these days so if anyone would like to see something different and special give me a ring and see what we can organise.

Be lucky