Hi guys,

So it’s been a little while since we last spoke and plenty has happened on both lakes and rivers in the Taupo area but also in the backcountry. All types of fishing in my opinion has made a good start to another summer season and I think once we get more settled days we are going to be in for one very hot one. We generally moan about too much water or discoloured backcountry blocks but this year may be the lack of water-we will think of something! The only disappointing thing which is in the back of my mind is that the brownies have been slow to show up in the Tongariro-some anglers and websites report plenty of them but I have been on the Tongariro quite a bit lately and have a keen eye for a larger fish and have not spotted one this season!!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy for me with guiding most days which has just been awesome and I have to say some of the best fishing I have actually seen has been on the local rivers especially the Tongarrio. Sunny calm days have enabled anglers to really polaroid deep into most pools showing anglers plenty of trout to target. The majority of these trout are not great specimens and are recovering or spawning trout but all the same they are hungry and willing to take the fly. I have seen the odd random rise on the river during the day but the dry fly has been very much an evening affair in which at times has been very very productive. During the day I have been fishing the fast riffles and shallow water with good seem lines or clear patches and have taken most fish using two small weighted natural patterns. I must admit there has been the odd time in which I have still tied a glo bug on as my attractor pattern to get the jack fish angry which has resulted in hook up’s , so it seems all methods will work at the moment.

A few anglers are still carrying fresh fish especially from fishing under the bridge so there must be the odd late spawner sneaking through during the night. The upper Tongariro is loaded with trout currently and this weekend should be alot of fun when this section opens for fishing his summer. I have two days rafting booked up here before taking on three days heli fishing so next will be busy but alot of fun.

The local lakes have been producing some great fish and Lake O fish have already put some really good weight on so looks to be another good year in there. Harling on Lake Taupo has been great fun at the 20-30 feet mark with the mornings being the best. Solid fish have been coming to the net which has again impressed boaties and will in the end have a good impact on the winter fishing next season in the rivers. Harling can be frustrating at the moment as I can only seem to get fish at first or last light but as the water warms and smelt start appearing in the bays the fish will soon follow and be able to be caught more frequent at random times.

This would be a good time to be hitting your local or favourite backcountry river as the next week or two will be quiet on most rivers I expect. As anglers start to finish work for the Christmas period and the New Year holidays loom the rivers will be alive with anglers and trout will soon realize this -it happens every year. My only wish for Christmas is that we all practice good methods of catch and release especially in those delicate waters and return our fish in the best possible condition that we can.  In my opinion most rivers which have camp sites or easy access with vehicles also have dead zones, not great for our world wide image in terms of fishery management.

Again on the local front……where are all you anglers. The Tongariro is totally free of anglers at the moment and many of you are missing some of the best summer fishing you will find. In the days I have been on the river the only anglers I have seen have been with guides, the guides are finding the fishing easy and so will you!!

Speak soon