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Well the changing of the seasons are well on the way and many anglers will be planning their winter fishing and indeed packing away those summer outfits which would have no doubt seen some good days this summer. I think we can all agree that the summer was the best for quite sometime and most of us pushed boundaries of where we can fish especially with low water and extended periods of good weather.

Personally the summer has rolled into one huge busy period which I am very thankful for, I only hope I got back to most of your emails and was able to fit you in somewhere. I have also had a busy time at home with my partner Keren purchasing new property and trying to sell other so it has also been a stressy summer which most of it has worked itself out now. I have something exciting in the pipeline which will accommodate all your anglers very shortly but I will leave that on the back burner for now and let you all know when its all squared away and ready to release.

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Something that I am excited for is the winter fishing and what the next few months have install for spawning rivers. Over summer the fishing in the lake was awesome and most boat anglers have had their best years to date with really well conditioned rainbows being caught through most methods. I have seen some fish in bins of anglers which are throwing up smelt and were sporting orange flesh with good fat-thus means we are going to have a good year in the rivers as they all need to spawn somewhere!!

The rivers currently are in transition period and I actually think they are fishing fairly hard for most. I am slowly pulling myself away from the backcountry and trying the ever faithful haunts of Taupo more often. The first river to go mad will be the Hine and with every fresh blow and burst of wind I am expecting the first good runs to head through here. With the lake so low there seems to be a shortage of water everywhere and they seem to be holding water in the dams at the top of this river for some reason and it is running really low. The low water is slowing the fishing up and delaying the run of those first big jacks which should really be going in there now in preparation for the groups of hen fish. Anglers should check this river out prior to thumping it for a spawning run as it has changed quite a bit and tracks are very over grown.

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The Waitahanui could be the dark horse right now especially with the wind we have the last few days. I drove past here a few afternoons ago and saw some of the “locals” giving the bridge pool and the straight a hard time , there seemed to be a few fish laying about on the bank so I assume there must have been the odd fish pocking their noses in from the lake. Im not sure how many of these get up the river and this is not a river which I regually fish for one reason or another.

The Tongariro over summer I thought was quite patchy with some good weeks but also some really hard days also. I caught about a quarter of the amount of browns I did last year and found they were not holding in areas they have previously. This river has also experienced some changes with different lies in pools and runs but also the ever going problem of pools silting up due to low flows. I usually look forward to summer fishing here but I think I might put it in the dissapointing box generally -though as I said there were times which reminded me of summers of the past. Angling pressure here as been next to none which is just amazing given the name that this fishery has, I will assume it will be the busiest in the taupo region as soon as some rain turns up and those first groups of fish start to run. I am guessing some anglers will loose alot of trout this season as they are in great condition and slightly better than the past 5 years so check those drags and tie those knots properly.

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The Stags are currently roaring quite well in the area and duck season is just one week away, we are so lucky to have so many options to get outdoors. The fishing should be hotting up in all the rivers very soon so keep your eye on the weather and time your run to the river in conjunction with high water or strong winds. I have had a few emails already from keen fishos asking when is the best time to come…….I have no idea just watch that weather and try and get here at the drop of a hat as spawning runs are varied and spasmodic but generally in time with river and weather conditions.

Here’s to a few more blogs maybe

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