Hi guys,

As I sit in the lounge surrounded by a glowing fire and warm snugly blankets there is some pretty wild ugly weather out there. This is perfect, hopefully in the next few days we will see a drop in temperature which will no doubt kick start our winter fishing giving most rivers a few more trout. We are also getting some good hard wind thumping the river mouths so I might sneak down the Waitahanui this afternoon as there is sure to be some fresh fish braving the gauntlet down there.

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I had a great day rafting yesterday on the Tongariro with Megan, Richard and Dot from Australia fishing from the Blue Pool down to the Major Jones. The river was dead quiet only passing two anglers the entire day which I thought was a little wird for a wet Sunday. Fishing was not red hot but the fish we caught were in good order and they all landed a fish each and lost multiple others. Richard was the driving force behind this trip and I got the feeling the girls were just there in support -they spent alot of time escaping the rain and sipping coffee in the raft while watching Richard flog it out. Richard was no novice to fly fishing and he had actually just returned from Iceland where hae had been chasing sea run browns while surrounded by snow and ice with temperatures to -5 -that was summer. Richard and I exchanged pictures of brown trout as I had a few saved on the phone from clients this past summer-sorry Richard was not trying to take away from your Iceland trip but did you ask if I had any pictures!!!!! Richard has left all his fishing gear with me so he is forced to come back for the winter runs, that just shows how anglers rate our fishery which is right on our door step here.

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If this rain continues and floods areas like the Whakapapa and Whanaganui it will no doubt be pushing a good amount of water into Lake O which in return will dirty the canal. When the canal becomes dirty this fishery comes into its own with fish feeding their way up the dirty water in pursuit of the source of the coloured water rich in food. Trout drop their guard in these conditions and the fishing becomes very easy when in the right spot. Although we can catch plenty of good fish in these conditions this does not mean they should all be hit on the head like a commercial fishery , lets keep it a sports fishery and return these awesome fish so they do get to the size which we can call a trophy.

Another piece of water to watch in the next few days will be the Hine, water has been held back in the dams here for the past couple of weeks after the light rains we have had causing this system to stay very low. I would say they might have let some go this time just because of the amount of water we have had in the past 24 hours-it may even have some colour. I’m expecting big things from this river in the next few weeks, last year was good but I think its going to better this season with the trout being in better condition. Be warned, be prepared to loose plenty of trout in here this year purely as they are stronger with more go in them. Some of the early runners will be very solid jacks, I may even consider 10 lb tippet on the point I think.

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Duck shooting this year was slightly better for me despite only shooting opening day due to work yesterday-commitment right there. Saturday was again clear skies and bright conditions which put birds high early but we were lucky enough to have a few suicidal ones come into the decoys, a few also left the decoys unharmed, lol. Its always a great day and a day in which the dog absolutely enjoys, its a pleasure to watch him retrieve, wish I could only shoot a little better.

This coming week promises alot from the fishery hope you can be here.