Hi guys,

Another great day was spent on the river yesterday with Kieren from Australia who enjoyed his first ever fly fishing experience. Kieren works on the gas rigs in Aus but was over visiting family and decided he better give this fly fishing a crack. They say timing is everything and he was very lucky to be able to be fishing water after a good fresh had gone through and a few fish were present in most pools. After a bit of a practice pool and getting the feel for things Kieren could quite easily flick a fly far enough to achieve a drift which resulted in hook ups.

It was awesome to fish with this guy for the day as he shared some amazing stories of Barra fishing in the top end while fending of crocodiles and deadly snakes. Fly fishing was very new to him and the feel of the fly rod from casting to fighting the fish was totally different from heaving in the Barra before the sharks or crocs got hold of them. Why would you want to live in that bloody country everything wants to bite you, eat you or harm you in some way!

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We started our morning up Blake Rd on the Waitahanui where we scored the best fish of the day which may have been a tad over 4 lb. We made the most of the early start and had the pick of the water before a few other fisherman made their way up behind us. The rivers in great condition at the moment and there are some good fresh fish in the system but also some older jacks too. After lunch we decided to try another river and head to the Hine which in hindsight we should have started on as the water was a perfect colour and running high !!

I knew we wouldn’t be getting virgin water here but if you fish enough weight and the right fly for the conditions you can catch fish which are moving all day in the high conditions. We parked with two other cars below the bridge and headed down the straight where we caught a good fresh fish in every pool. There were definitely plenty of fish in the system but I got a funny feeling they were moving really quickly. The trout we caught were in amazing condition but they weren’t the big fish that I will expect in the next few months.

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Kieren and I finished fishing at about 2 30 after he had killed and kept his limit bag of fresh rainbows for the day, what a great way to become a fly fishing convert! I feel sure he will back in the next few months and I can honestly say I look forward to our next day out as I enjoyed myself today, nothing better than teaching from scratch and seeing the results and smiles. Timing is everything!!

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