Hey guys,

As expected the weekend on most rivers seemed to be pretty busy from the get go with anglers hitting the rivers early and obviously taking advise getting those first lines in the pools. Despite water conditions being quite high and in some cases on the Hine too high there were some great fish caught and lost. I was lucky enough to be guiding at day light right through the weekend with energetic anglers which were both good experienced guys and complete novices. We caught fish in many of the pools but things certainly got harder as the weekend went on with most of the water being well picked over by late Sunday.

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Simon and Gus are regular clients and as you can see with picture above we had a good morning on Friday getting through half of the river pretty quickly. The fishing was not easy and some of the river really wasn’t working very well for us as the water was just too high to fish cleanly but we did find the odd trout in slack water slowly making their way up through the currents. We certainly lost our fare share due to the high water and the energy of this years spawning fish.

The Tongariro as expected has also been the other river with plenty of solid fish for those who are out early and moving around a bit. There are reports on websites with anglers with silver bullets all caught before light but unfortunately most of that is from under the bridge in the trolls hole. Still….they are good trout and they are in the river so they have to move to the pool and past the pool just be in the right spot at the right time. I have been using more natural patterns in the Tongariro but the glo bug is the go to fly in the Hine.

It’s been quite an exciting time for us in the last year or so with different things and we are pleased to have secured a couple of new properties one of which we are proud to offer to clients staying in taupo. We have purchased a cute 1960s black and white cottage which is perfect for families, fisherman, hunters and holiday makers alike. This will really work well for clients wishing to fish at this end of the lake but also being able to leave the wife at home for a sleep in and a shop about taupo. There are so many options we can help you and your party with so drop us a line if you are looking at staying in Taupo and we can help you make your get away stress free. There is now a new piece on the front page of the website which will show you some pictures and details-hope you like!!

Tight lines-stay warm

Andrew Christmas