Hi guys,

Another exciting week on the rivers has passed and again some lovely fish have came to the net after some really heavy struggles. I have been out each day this week with old and new clients and it has been really nice to have the river to myself for the most part. I have given the Hine a god turn over early in the week and finished up on the Tongariro later in the week. Both rivers had their moments and the key to most success was simply to keep moving and change things up with leader length and weight of flies throughout the day depending on conditions.

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The Hine runs have slowed due to the lack of rain and level of the river but with some strong winds and a small amount of rain this should kick start this fishery for a while longer I hope. They are releasing water from the dam most mornings between 8 and 9 am -this sometimes helping the fishing especially in the upper pools. The fish are spread through most of the river but some are very dark in colour and only good for a quick pic and the sport. I did have a great morning with Julie on Tuesday morning when we found a small group of fresh trout in the straight -she managed 9 by 9am.

I had good client and friend Derrick from Auckland on Wednesday and we covered both the Hine and Tongariro from first light. We struggled and found it very hard to find the trout from the previous day so I suppose they moved through quick with the low water overnight. He did manage to land a huge spawning jack in the upper river which would have been an impressive trout when it first entered the system-I could still put this fish at nearly 7lbs. After a tough morning only landing 2 fish we headed to the Tongariro which was fairly busy with anglers by this stage , not surprising due to school holidays and the mountain being far from good weather to ski. We headed down river landing a fresh fish straight of the bat but that was it until we went up river around the Birch pool area. We hooked into a couple of trout here but there was no question they had been in the system for quite sometime and were released. There is no question the Tongariro can be described as challenging at times and this was one of those days. They continue to slay hundreds of kilos of fresh from under the main road bridge each week, I have given up watching as it just makes me angry as I have seen bears with better manners.

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On a positive note I fished with Mike from Melbourne yesterday and we had the best fishing I have seen on the Tongariro this season. There are a few factors why -we started at first light, conditions were perfect, Mike could fish really well and we found a group of trout down river before they got to the bridge. This should be how the trout should be enjoyed through out the entire river, I suppose for now we have to hope they are going to stop for enough time for us to find them in the lower river. These fish were among the best I have seen this winter for both size and condition, god they fought well too. Mike released all his fish yesterday as they were fully laiden with eggs ready to find spawning water-Im hoping they have gone through overnight.

Glo bugs are on the menu most mornings especially on those overcast drizzly days when fishing low in rivers for fresh fish but natural patterns will sometimes work just as well on those clear shallow runs with sun on the water. There are still browns to be had too, Derrick nailed a nice little hen from the Hydro yesterday morning while nymphing. The Waitahanui still has some impressive specimens high up but they are well into spawning mode now if not on their way back to the lake for summer.

Angling pressure generally over Taupo rivers has been fairly light on for this time of year and school holidays. Best time is first light through till lunchtime and the key to success is to move about plenty and find those little spots which get walked past by Joe average!

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I am currently sitting in the local internet cafe as the computer at home has caught something nasty and is at the doctors, you see some real interesting people in these places if you are here long enough. I am heading over to Aussie next week for 7 days so this will be the last post for 10 days or so ok!! I will touch base when I get back. Fishing should be very good over the next few weeks and if you need any advise or just a chatt drop me a line-only happy to help.

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