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Things have slowed down over the past few days with river levels back to low and clear causing fish to be spooky and hard to get in the mood. I had a great week last week fishing the Hine, Tongariro and the Waitahanui with clients from Australia. Over four days we picked a few fish from various favourite spots and starting early. Starting early really helps at the moment and those few first lines from the golden pools are producing fish both on glo bugs and natural patterns. Taupo Rod’n Tackle have tied some really good Quasimodo’s lately and they are accounting for trout caught in clear waters.

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Fish condition are still really good, though the fish I am catching further up the Hine are becoming quite dark in colour. There will still be more runs come into the Hine but we do need some more steady rain to induce a run of fish. The darker coloured fish are always good fun and at times easy to catch, so they can never be scoffed at.

Fishing pressure has been up and down on most rivers. The week days have generally been quiet and you can get where you want to without getting up to early but the weekends have seen the locals, fishing comps and weekenders hammering most places in search of silver bullets. The best place to still get good numbers and great quality fish is actually the lake, the rivers may become hard over the next couple of days if we don’t get some rain. I will be guiding four days this week and have said a few prayers for some cold starts and wet nights.

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The amazing looking brown hen in the pictures caught by young Con (13 yrs) was landed and released in the upper Waitahanui. This fish was in great condition and plump with ripe eggs so hopefully she has made her way to safe spawning ground high in the river…….but I doubt it. Unfortunately for her she made a silly mistake and took a roughly tied glo bug intended for a vicious spawning rainbow- so not the smartest fish in the river. I also have concern for her ability to spawn safely, as this river is under attack from locals once again doing the wrong thing. I was disgusted to have to share the river with four men jumping pools ahead of my clients fishing with heavy sinkers, lumps of fish roe and spinners. These guys were not worried in the slightest by our presence and fished illegally at will, with no regard for others or the rules of the fishery. I reported this activity to Doc as soon as I had some reception but was told there was no one that could be dispatched?? Who turned up…..Didymo Dave who once worked for Doc and has a good relationship with local families in Waitahanui and cares what’s going on around the river banks right under our noses on  a daily basis. I think he also picked up three rubbish bags of litter that was dumped by the same individuals at the Pig pool car park-thanks again Dave.

Will keep in touch as the week progresses and we get a few more pics or reports in.

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