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Different reports on various websites this week say many things but in general I found things really tough going. With no hidden agenda my reports are very fair on what has been happening around the place and I only report on what I have seen and experienced. Once again the rain would be handy to get fish moving and wash out the Tongariro, its bloody slimy currently. But……..Shane commented this week that we don’t need rain nor wind to make them run and I do agree with him. I fished the Hine myself one morning before picking up clients and landed 6 fish in 8 casts-these fish were ripe with eggs and just had to move in despite the conditions. Extra flow in the river just makes them easier to catch once the sun hits the water later in the day.

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Unfortunately I had a tough week as all my work was in Turangi and were all half days so we fished the Tongariro river -it’s simply not worth driving back to Taupo on such a short outing. The guys I had were all novices but enthusiastic and willing to learn and have nice early starts, there fishing had improved ten fold by the fourth outing. We caught a couple of fish per day but fished a lot of water for very few hook up’s which was quite frustrating. Great anglers which move around change things up will still be catching trout but the novice which has a blast twice a  year might have struggled. These guys from Sydney were amazing people with great attitudes and were blown away from the scenery and the experience the Tongariro/Turangi area offered them. It was really great to see them making the most of their time in Turangi and supporting the small town over winter by making use of activities like the hot pools and Rafting New Zealand-they are back in September.

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Something which gets up my goat every year is that bloody bridge pool in Turangi, I wish someone would set a wire up from one side to the other in that pool so it was impossible to get a good drift in there. This pool is being terrorized from 5am till 6 pm every single day and is producing up to 50 fish per day on most occasions. There are plenty of trout in here and they are bloody good ones too but with it being so close to the road and so easy to catch trout in the wrong thing is being done there daily. It was good to see DOC down there one day during the week checking permits etc. Again, as soon as DOC leave anglers are un able to count to three and very rarely does a trout get released-even foul hooked trout end up in the smoker. The new licence came into effect this month and DOC were indeed on the bridge pool to check them, it was the only time in the past few weeks I had seen only two fisherman fishing the bridge as the others high tailed down the river-no licence maybe?? On the spot penalties need to be applied, I get a parking ticket when I park somewhere for too long and break the law??  I just don’t really understand this pool and how it can fish so well when the rest of the river can be so hard -we really need a flood to push all the fish past the bridge and into the upper sections. With so many quality fish being caught this will have a impact on future years, the fish are nice and fat and are in great condition this year but it will be short lived if they cant reproduce!! Anyone can catch a fish in here all you need is 15 lb nylon, 3 big split shot, glo bug and an ugly loop cast and something will grab it. The art of fly fishing has drastically been lost with these guys who want to set up a table, smoker , billy, fire and take it in turns to slay spawning trout all day, I’m glad the clients I had could see past that and wanted to venture up river in peace and solitude despite the fish numbers. I have no problems at all with anglers taking trout -infact I agree it needs to be done but I wish the fish would spread out a little to make things slightly harder and a little more challenging for these guys to catch them as I know for a fact only half the amount will be caught.

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Dark nights are once again upon us and I think the moon is down to just a slither so the river mouth fishing should be pretty could. The lake has come up a little so it has been making getting out to the good drop offs hard for some but those who can make it are still getting very good trout. The Hine and the Waitahanui should still have fish holding on them waiting to run the river so intercepting them will be a worth while past time over the next week. We have pretty settled weather here lately which should make leaving the fire and the wife slightly more easier in the dark. The results certainly are worth it when you get onto a fish which is in great condition and lovely flesh for smoking.

I have a few trips pencilled in the diary this week so will do my best to hit up another report closer to the end of the week reporting on what we have found. Most work is actually from Taupo end so it will be nice to hit the Hine fairly early and get through water which should be productive-Hine still being my favourite at the moment.

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