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Seems the natural progression of fish spawning is well on the way with the rivers towards Turangi finally getting their numbers running the river. The Tongariro has plenty of fish going through despite low and conditions and no rain, fish are in very good order and anglers are happy with their catches if they get a chance to enjoy one. Still……anglers continue to slaughter fish under the main road bridge-infact hundreds of kilos per week. Angling pressure above the bridge is very low and the upper river can be enjoyed almost by yourselves but most of the fish still seem to be in the lower river or under the bridge:)

Other rivers in the south of the lake are producing good runs of silver fish . The Waimarino and Waiotaka are unknown to many but are favourites of a few anglers every winter. These rivers receive smaller runs of fish and being on the spot at the right moment is quite often essential. Be prepared to loose quite a lot of gear and be frustrated with sighting many spooky fish which are making their way through some boney parts of the river. Generally if caught early in the systems a glo bug fished winter style will be an effective way to secure any fresh trout. Occasionally the added bonus of a big brown will be reality in the Waiotaka especially later in the season or over the summer months. Sometimes these options will make an anglers trip a enjoyable one especially after a frustrating crowded day on the Tongariro.

From all accounts the Hine still has plenty of trout through out most of the river but with low clear and slimey conditions they are moving quite quickly or are dark in colour and in many cases are on their way back to the lake already. The middle reaches are still getting the attention of anglers and most seem to be hooking fish while fishing smart summer styles. Summer styles involve, changing your fly, lowering your leaders, presenting your fly line and moving about the river when things are quiet. Heavy winter fishing wont work in the shallow runs which are holding trout as you wont get any drift which will entice a smarter trout.

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The lake continues to be quiet for most with only the odd fish picked up from early morning harling or deep jigging. There seems to be some good numbers of trout stacked up at the river mouths obviously waiting for the right smells to run and enter the river-some rain will prevoke this -rain in which we may get this weekend. River mouth fishing can produce some great sport and indeed large fish with perfect eating flesh. Fishing a fast sink line or intermediate will see you get down to most of the fish on these mouths, try using a heave and leave style pattern in a glo bug or the ultimate in my opinion the White Boobie. Fished slow and crept up the drop off this will entice even the smartest of fish .

Drizzle most of the day here in Taupo on Sunday-Im excited. I have the next 5 days guiding with a good client and a keen one at that which will see me on the river at day light, it should be a very good week.

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