Hi guys,

Again the rivers are running high and most are going to be un fishable at least for a day or two. The picture below even shows no trolls under the bridge, only these conditions could stop them. Seems we are getting more rain in the past few weeks than we received all winter, conditions sure are wintry. The wind is blowing hard westerly once again which should move rain through at a good pace but may also push fish into the only river which is fishable being the Waitahanui. I will be keeping my eye on some backcountry rivers which will be a telling piece to a puzzle which will make Lake O fish very well. This only happens a few times in the season and will be worth catching if it happens. Fish in Lake O currently will be slightly skinny and out of condition due to the season just opening but the brownies may have recovered ok. I push for catch and release here especially at this time of year but there’s always some anglers which just have to have their picture taken with 6lbs of slab unfortunately.

Summer is shaping up to be very busy with raft trips, heli fishing and anglers asking about brown trout in the Tongariro. The first browns can be expected very soon-it is possible this extra water will see the first browns moving in especially younger fish. The fishery for browns was not quite the same last year, in my opinion there was quite a lot less than the previous couple of seasons. I had clients catch some beauts from likely spots but pools such as Cattle Rustlers did not fill up like they had in previous years, I suspect more anglers catching and killing these may have had something to do with this also.

Backcountry for most anglers has had a fairly slow start to the season, I would assume the high dis coloured rivers have had something to do with this. I love seeing new water and fishing backcountry but wont have a bar of it when it has high or extra water, so different to local water here in Turangi. Most anglers don’t really get excited about this type of water till fish have put on a little more  condition, started to eat from surface and rivers are low and clear. Good conditions to fish these areas are also safe conditions which is the most important thing anyway.

Fishing local rivers after the current flooding will again be very good for a few weeks I should think, I actually wish the river was not flooding so hard as I want the upper Tongariro to fill up with fish for the opening of the 1st of December. The fresh will no doubt bring more trout into the rivers but I feel we have had the bigger runs already, those fish will be battling the high water at the moment. Over the next few days with weather slightly improving I will get my schedule back on track and prospect the changes to the rivers,  have delayed my clients to the weekend so here’s hoping it’s clear!

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