Hi guys, All rivers are back to fishable and look to be in great condition and better for having the big amounts of water down them over the past few weeks. Most rivers have plenty of trout in them and it is a very good time to be fishing. I love fishing at the moment as a lot of it can be sight fishing for recovering trout with the odd silver bullet still appearing fresh from the lake. It seems our stella run is slowing though and fresh running fish are becoming harder to find for most anglers. I have guided the odd half day in the past week and seen a real decline in the fresh fish numbers but spotted and caught plenty of mending trout. Finally angler numbers have dropped and you can stroll the river at leisure without pressure of getting to the next pool.

There will be plenty of new water to explore for most of us, even the recent smaller flood has moved substantial rocks and changed where fish will and wont sit-the lower river is an interesting place right now. I can see a storm brewing currently with locals, avid fisherman , councils and people which moved the lower river about with bull dozers etc. The lower river sure is a mess and a disgrace which our councils will have to wear, local and overseas river lovers are furious about the devastation of our world famous resource-watch this space.

Colin caught the first little brown that I have seen the other day, a solid 2lb fish which had made it’s way up with the last of the high water. This fish was caught in the Bain when the water was a little higher and flowing a bit better than it is now. We should see some brownies turning up in the next few months and indeed right through the summer months, thus being the next exciting period for the Tongariro. Brown trout have lost a lot of natural habitat in the lower river so lets hope this wont take away from the natural spawning runs which are due to happen, time will tell.

Summer conditions will apply from now, glo bugs will be put away for another year and large indicators fluffed for another season. I may start to fish lighter, natural patterns, small sliding indicators and even dry fly dropper rigs to achieve better drifts and presentations. I will start fishing shallow runs full of oxygen and read the river to where fish will be holding and gathering food dislodged, we basically start hunting fish. The upper river opens 1st of December and I am hanging out to get to the top of here in the raft and see what this  water will hold, there will be new water and new pools to explore.

I have some exciting news. I have currently taken on a hunting block which is close by and will start to guide hunters for Red Deer. This will be a great bonus to my guiding business already and look forward to taking many of you hunting and shooting your first deer. Mostly this block will be used for meat hunts but there will also be opportunity for the right guys to hunt during the “roar” and bag a trophy stag for the man cave.  With summer only just around the corner and BBQ season close by it may be a good time to get yourself a deer and skyt to your guests how you hunted it. The block is fully private situated right under the mountain in native bush with a flash self contained cabin, ideal for father son scenarios. You will be the only hunters in the area.  I will be adding to the website in the next few weeks with more details and deals we will do with fishing so please enquire NOW. My Dad has just been over and made the most of this resource shooting his first deer, another bucket list moment ticked with his son.

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