Hi guys,  Not too much to report this week as I have just had a few days off over the past week or so. The Labour weekend was fairly busy as expected but still plenty of places to fish especially on the larger rivers. I guided two days over the weekend and had good results in the lower river with recovering or dark fish. I saw the odd good fish taken down river of the bridge but running numbers sure have slowed to only a few here and there. Yesterday I drove over the main road bridge and looked down to the trolls hole only to see no fisherman, this must have been a first for 6 months-there’s proof things are slowing up !!.

I fished with Derek out on lake Taupo on Tuesday and had some exciting fishing jigging. Our plan was to be harling for the evening as this has been a good way to get a few fish recently with slightly warmer water around the last couple of weeks but we stumbled over a nice little hole and fish kept taking the smelt flies jigging. Jigging is not my style of fishing at all and I totally suck at boat fishing but on this afternoon it just happened to work for us with some good silver solid fish to the boat with lovely orange fish. The fishing was pretty exciting but Derek and I could not get of the topic of shooting his first deer on a private block in which I guide on.

The next morning we hit the road fairly early and headed to the bush to where we spent the next ten hours trudging through mud, heading over hills and spending some great quiet time in the bush with nature. Hunting can be quite rough, loud, brutal but the lead up work put in before pulling the trigger is done with stealth and awareness of everything around you. Every broken stick, flutter of the wood pigeon and call of the tui will echo through the woods and your senses will pick this up. We knew we wanted to be out for the day and let the first two young deer that we stalked up on live, it was awesome just watching them frolic in the morning sun and observe their behaviour. These animals were perfect for the freezer and as we were out for a meat hunt it was hard to move on and see what was about but we did.

Throughout the day we spooked quite a few animals and no doubt plenty got going before we even got close to them as we had a swirly wind which was making things quite hard at times. Deer have awesome senses and you need to be a very good hunter to see or take animals on a regular basis. I am very lucky with the block of land I have and we can hunt good numbers of deer in the safest conditions with no threat of another hunter close by. As you can see by the photo Derek found his first deer completed another tick on the bucket list. I will forever be on your back about who had to carry the deer out though, I suppose that goes with the guide thing 🙂 . Going into summer this venison will be shared at many bbq’s , perfect time of year for a meat hunt.

Hopefully some more fishing news later in the week

Tight lines