Hey guys,

Another busy week has passed and the weather has again allowed all types of angling to be enjoyed by all who have ventured out. We are getting some awesome thunder storms in the evenings and at times some heavy rain soon after but it’s not doing much but making my lawn grow extremely quickly. All anglers are going crazy at the moment and speaking about how well the lake has been fishing, quick bag limits being reached while jigging. There are smelt all over the lake and the fish are all going hard on them putting on some really good weight quick. Harling early in the morning has been taking a lot of fish in the first hour of light and already there are some solid browns are being caught from the ever faithful Waitahanui run. I mucked about in the boat late Sunday afternoon and caught ten fish in the first hour while jigging a new little drop off near Hatepe, the dark side of angling .

The rivers are lower and clearer with a reasonable amount of slime covered in most rivers, fish are spooky but they are catchable. I have only fished the Tongariro over the past week but from what I have heard it may well be the best option for most I reakon. Mending trout, recovered and spawned fish are moving about in the Tongariro although they are staying to the shallow riffles and oxygenated water. We have caught fish every outing this week from the very upper limit right down to the braids in from of the lodge, they are scattered right through in average numbers. The evening rise has been quite full on but many of the splashy rising you will be seeing are very small fish and they are beating the larger fish to the fly. I have heard the odd good brown getting caught in the evenings and I actually saw one in the Stag yesterday while guiding Mike Forret, they will be showing up very soon.

Fly selection for me is fairly easy currently. On bright sunny days with no wind I have targeted shallow holding water with a big dry and a Quasimodo, all fish taken are on the Quasimodo. While nymphing I have fished light with a smallish indicator and two nymphs -again the Quasimodo has been the go to pattern. Quasimodo’s are available from Taupo Rod’n Tackle. I actually through the wet line yesterday with Mike as he is such a great caster of sink tips line and he got two fish to attack the Wooly bugger in the Fence pool which was entertaining to me. I have caught fish in most of the Tongas over the years but the Fence pool has always got the better of me, Mike managed 4 from here nymphing and wet lining!!

I have a day or two off to look forward to mowing the lawn, staining the house, paying bills and catching a bit of sleep before the opening of the upper rivers next week. We have a few boats primed for the Tongariro trip and really looking forward to another good start up there-will be in touch.