Hi guys,

I think we are in for another bloody hot summer judging what we have just had over the last few days. We have a great looking long range forecast and some steady weather should grace us over the next week. Last week I did  a big rafting job with 5 clients and two guides down the Whakapapa and it did not stop raining from start to finish which actually ended up with a river which was un fishable. All rivers have dropped once again and good fishing in the back country will continue.

I guided the local Tongariro this morning and mucked about with some spawning and spent fish in the braided area, they were not the best fish in the world but alot of fun for our American friends. There seems to be some better trout up river around the fence pool at the moment which will take small naturals very well in the bright low conditions. I still think there are a few silver fish pushing through but anglers must be using summer methods to fool these in bright conditions. The odd brown is showing up and we actually caught one a few days ago but it was only a juvenile fish, these will become a target fish over the next few months. The Tongariro is by far the most productive in the Taupo fishery currently but river mouths will be worth a look most evenings -especially the deeper drop-offs.

Our day down the Whakapapa was quite unique with our 5 boys from Aus. As I mentioned it was the most god forsaken day we have seen for quite some time with plenty of rain, wind and even the odd bit of hale. It was terrible but with a good bunch of anglers and some good guides we had a productive day and an enjoyable experience which should have been hard work. All my favourite lies held fish of some description and we landed and lost some nice rainbows and the odd brownie. Fish were down a bit on size compared to later in the season and indeed other years I am hoping this is not a carry on effect from over harvesting which certainly does happen on this river, we are very close to destroying it actually. Maiden fish were in very good condition but the spawners were still to put the weight back on. If these trout get looked after and position up in good water they will reach a size which made this river popular all those years ago. Fish numbers are healthy in here currently but I’d still like to see this go to fly fishing only-atleast this will protect a percentage of these bigger trout.

I still have not seen much in the way of dry fly action but if this still and hot weather continues this week I would imaging it will get the start it needs. I lifted the odd rock this morning on the Tongariro and found heaps of nymph life running under it these will turn into great trout food and encourage big rises in the evenings, fingers are crossed for Cicadas!! No news on the backcountry dry fly just yet but another month should read a very different story-especially places like the Whanganui.

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